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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Attach

I'm going to show you all how to use the blue plugin by elegant themes so the bloom plugin is a premium plugin that gives you really cool eeem opt-in forms that look just like this and somebody would just come to your website you know type in their email click on subscribe and they're done and there are tons of different ways to customize the bloom plugin so I will cover that in this tutorial and I'm sure you guys have seen the bloom plug-in all over the internet so these are all created with the bloom plug-in and like I said these probably look very similar to a lot of the websites that you go to because the bloom plug-in it's pretty well known on the Internet and if you purchase the Divi theme you get this plug-in for free ok and also if you guises aren't creative and you just can't think of something to you know design they have 115 templates to choose from and these are some really well designed templates I personally use one on my website I think I use a blue one I think I use this one right here for my website so in this tutorial I will cover how to use the bloom plug-in and like I said if you haven't purchased the Divi theme you can't use it you'll have to purchase it and then you can use it so you know you'll have to purchase the I think it's the middle package or the developer and then you will get access to the bloom plugin but for those of you been watching my other videos I know that you have been purchasing the Divi theme so you guys can actually get it for free and I recommend using it because why not for free rights included with the Divi theme so the first thing you need to do is go to members area right here and go to themes go ahead and scroll down and just download the bloom plug-in right here so this is the bloom plug-in click on download and just click on plug-in package alright and once it's done downloading you are going to go to your website and we are going to upload that plug-in so go to dashboard go to plugins go to add new click on upload a plug-in click on choose file and we are going to select the bloom plug-in right there alright I'm going to click on Install Now and I'm also done you guys know you guys will need to create a MailChimp account and the reason why I prefer MailChimp is because MailChimp is free for the first 1000 subscribers other websites like a Weber will start charging you right away so it's kind of not worth it to just you know create an email list and then you know start you know accruing monthly fees right but MailChimp will give you that comfort of sort of you know getting you know getting the email subservice for free so go ahead and create an account with mailchimp.com so i'm going to go to this website right now to show you what it looks like MailChimp calm it looked just like this right here alright so go ahead and click on sign up for free and make an account alright and then I will meet you over here so I am activating the plug-in just like that okay and go ahead and like pause the video because I know it does take time to create an account with MailChimp because they're going to ask you to verify your email they're going to ask you for all sorts of other information I'm very aware of that so feel free to just pause the video and just you know make an account with MailChimp and then once you're done come back over here to plugins and then click on settings alright so we're at this blank page and the first thing we need to do is create a new opt-in so go over here and just click on create a new opt-in and now there's there's six different types there's the pop-up the fly in below the post Incline locked content which means it'll just lock your screen and it will be forced to close it or we can have it as a widget and I will get to that a little later but for now we're just going to do fly in all right now it's going to ask us to select an email provider so once you have created an account with MailChimp just go onto your dashboard and you will need to create a list okay so over here click on create a list now it's going to tell you have no lists that's okay we are going to create one all right so list name we'll just put something like you know Daryl's website looks like that's and the email address it's from now they actually recommend not using like Yahoo or Gmail I've tested it it has worked with us on my Gmail accounts so for example if I put in something like the dog hole ad Gmail com usually they don't recommend I do that maybe it's cause of some caps let's see how that works see yeah see I put in lowercase they detected all of a sudden if you guys get this error you guys can just acknowledge the risk or you guys can just decide to make a new account at male comm so I personally use male comm for the campaign's it's also a free service it's just a different email provider and like I said you can click on sign up right here and I know that this works but you guys can also just use your basic account at gmail you know there's basically just saying sometimes it doesn't work but that's fine so I'll just click.

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