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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Calculator

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Calculator

Applause Music Applause Music hello ever'one and welcome back to a brand new video from bread 1 today I'm going to show you something new I add it to the website and if you want to join our discord chat you're always welcome you can also find the link on our bird 1.com website so i'm going to show you the monthly profits of some mining rig builds for every single month because you guys have been asking me a lot of questions like hey how much there's one single mining rig make every month and I had so many questions that I was like okay now I'm going to add it to the website and make a video about it so where can you find it on my website you will just have to go ahead to the blog channel knowledge and open up the rig profits if the mining profits with a single mining rig every month and I divided it divided it into two mining rigs a cheap mining rig build and an expensive mining rig build if you want to buy the parts of what I'm talking about you can just click on the link and you will be redirected to the cheap mining rig and you will see every component used in this mining rig where I benchmarked it on so meanwhile you're buying these items on my youtube channel through my Amazon links you're supporting the channel and I can buy some Sony Vegas maybe later on or a good camera and start shooting good videos about graphics cards it's still pretty low the profits so you guys will have to go ahead and buy some stuff through the website I'm really enjoying it and I want to grow bigger so you guys can help me out with that but let's continue on with the video so now I'm going to show you the monthly profits of a six GPU mining rig with rx for 70s in five 70s but first I'm going to note you that the RX 5 70s are using more power and the profit should be about similar but if you have high light high electricity cost you will see a significant drop in profits so first of all ethereum ethereum classic and do by coin have the same hash rate and about the same profits so these three are being mixed together in one string so all mining our benchmark at 850 watts and our ethereum ethereum classic and Dubai coin came to a really nice 170 megasis per second and we made a raw 535 dollars a month and without electricity cost we managed to get four hundred thirty-eight dollars a month so that's pretty darn high for a single mining rig that really doesn't cost that much for Manero we made a really nice two hundred forty seven dollars on a month and four z cash we made three hundred ninety one dollars every month so if you go to coin Wars you can fill in your own hash rates and your power usage your electricity cost and you will see your profit every month so if you want to check it yourself you can always do this because this is just a guiding price that you will make every month and it can vary for everyone so make sure to check out coin Wars to get the exact profit next up we have the Rx for ATS and five ATS and just exactly the same the RX 5 ATS are using more power so the profits are going to be similar or just lower for ethereum we made a stunning four hundred eighty eight dollars a month that's a fifty bucks extra compared to the RX four 70s but if it I'm not really sure if it's worth buying a more expensive mining rig over a cheap mining rig to gain $50 a month extra so it's just up to you what are you going to do with this but next up we have Manero we made a higher profit also of about $269 a month and with z cash a very nice four hundred and four dollars so if you need guidance on building or mining rig you I would always recommend you going to my Hardware link I will put it in the description below and you will see all the available components that I recommend for buying a mining rig and if you don't find parts and you really want private help you can always send something to my Facebook or you try to get me on this cord to answer you but I'm really busy answering every damn comment it's getting so big with all of your questions so hopefully this will get you guys some questions out of your head and if you still have questions just post in the comments below where I can make a video about and hopefully you all enjoyed this video so see you guys in the next one Music you.

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