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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Charities

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Charities

Hello I'm Secretary of State Kim Wyman Washington is a beautifully diverse state with nearly seven million residents many of whom support his charities with the spirit of generosity that is unsurpassed those charities who seek support from Washingtonians have legal obligations to the state and this video was created to help make clear what those obligations are the charity is a non-profit education program of the office of the secretary of state is proud to present this video on registration and renewal requirements for charities in washington state regardless of whether an organization is located inside or outside Washington State unless it is exempt from registration the organization is required to register with the Secretary of State's charities program if any of the following are true the organization is asking for or has received contributions from Washington State residents an individual or organization is for compensation raising money on behalf of the charity or charitable purpose the organization is holding assets in trust in excess of 250 thousand dollars for charitable purposes registration with the charity's program is separate and distinct from requirements of any other agency or program such as nonprofit corporate status with a corporation's division of the Secretary of State the Washington State Department of Revenue business licensing service any local county or city requirements or the Internal Revenue Service for tax-exempt status it's important and beneficial to your group to register as a charitable organization in Washington State for a number of reasons transparency and accountability the information provided in the registration material is public information and offers the donating public the information they need to help them make informed giving decisions organizations who fund charities some organizations who prfunding or make grants to nonprofit charitable organizations have certain conditions that must be met one of those conditions may be that the organization is registered with the Secretary of State's charities program the Washington State combine sundry is one example of a workplace Giving Campaign that has this requirement the media more and more broadcast news stations in print journalists will offer to the charity's program online lookup feature to verify the registration status of a charitable organization media organizations contact and work with the office frequently seeking the public information available to complete a story they may be working on the Washington State Attorney General the office of the Attorney General enforces compliance with state law investigates when necessary and works closely with the Secretary of State's office to ensure that charities who are required to register do so so who is required to register as a charity in Washington State the charitable solicitations act chapter 19 09 Revised Code of Washington which you can access online from the governing laws link in the charity's homepage provides all the details but generally any individual or organization that solicits or receives more than 50 thousand dollars contributions from the general public where the contribution is used to support a charitable purpose is required to register as a charity any organization that solicits or receives contributions regardless of the amount and pays people to carry out services or activities including fundraising is required to register as a charity organizations that are holding assets in trust for income producing purposes in excess of 250 thousand dollars for charitable purposes is required to register as a terrible trust any individual or organization who is paid by either a percentage or a flat fee to raise money on behalf of a charitable organization is required to register as a commercial fundraiser forms to register as a charitable organization commercial fundraiser and charitable trusts are available on our website on the all forms tab if you're still unclear as to whether or not you need to file with the cherries program as a charitable organization commercial fundraiser or charitable trust refer to the self-assessment guide which is found by clicking on me do you need to register link located in the menu on the left side of the charity's homepage the guys will walk you through step by step to help you determine if the activities of the organization indicate that registration is required individuals and organizations that are soliciting contributions from the public but are exempt from registering with the Washington State charities program are encouraged to complete the optional registration a paper version for the optional registration is available on the all forms tab or you can submit the optional registration application online the charity's online services are available by accessing the light green menu on the lower left side of the charity's homepage there is no fee to file the optional registration for either the online application or the paper form in addition to registration all organizations raise your contributions in Washington state must also disclose certain information with each request that is made information regarding disclosure requirements including a sample written disclosure are available through the charitable organizations link from the charity's homepage if you have any questions about the charity's program in Washington State please call one of our charities customer service specialists or visit our website thank you for watching.

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