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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Developments

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Developments

We are the most complex creature on this planet a big brain two-legged mammal we've risen from the raw materials of the earth to dominate and shape it wind the clock backwards and the story of how we got to be us is a puzzle that defies all logic through nearly 4 billion years of evolutionary twists and turns disasters strike predators threaten to wipe us out from rodent to reptile we face extinction at every turn from the land into the water fighting to survive every step of the web from fish to worm back to the very first spark of life to a single simple self this is the most extraordinary improbable story ever told the story of mankind rising Music four billion years ago a ball of rock and dust spins in the frozen vacuum of space this isn't Mars for beef this help is earth this seething lifeless mass of molten lava will become home to nearly nine million living species but generating light from this will take a chain of events that defies the laws of probability there are many theories nobody knows exactly our where life began but it couldn't happen without water experts believe asteroids or comets delivered it here the water is turning with chemicals and organic compounds lightning strikes the chemical soup at the right place and the right time billions of volts of electricity trigger a chain of improbable coincidences the chemicals atoms join up in a precise sequence creating a bundle of genetic material these fragile genes don't stand a chance in this extreme environment Music but luck strikes again a blob of oily material engulfs a single chain to create the first ever cell now the gene send out messages chemical instructions and 3.5 billion years ago they do something extraordinary they copy themselves and the cell to create a perfect clone this is the very first living thing every human every animal every bug every plant can trace its origins to this single cell the genes tell each cell to reproduce guaranteeing their survival as they pass from one generation to the next for two billion years the only living things are simple single cells but a random accident changes everything two cells merge their genes combine the merge cell clones itself its offspring contains genes from not one but two cells two parents we call this accident sex sex introduces variation Music occasionally things go wrong as the cells reproduce genes get deleted duplicated these cells are mutants mutations pile up differences increase until the cells become so different their separate species The Tree of Life branches out into billions of species but only one will lead to us mutating and diversifying spreading out through the oceans getting bigger more complex until our ancestor is a 3-inch long water worm this is us five hundred and fifty million years ago mutations create distinct male and female sexes we produce more offspring passing on more genes Mars and Venus boy-meets-girl it all starts here but finding a partner is almost impossible when every living thing is blind in this sea of Darkness the ability to see will give us a critical advantage nature's most perfect innovation begins to take shape a handful of skin cells mutate now we can tell dark from light find more prey dodge more predators we live longer and produce more offspring soon creatures with light-sensitive cells dominate the population over countless generations more mutations refine the cells this is natural selection in action the process that allows every living thing to adapt to the world and that gives our ancestor eyes Music we can see and everything we can see is descended from that first single cell but we need to make sense of what we're seeing behind our eyes a tiny collection of nerve cells clustered together they're no bigger than a pinhead one day this will be nature's most complex and mysterious organ 521 million years ago this is the very first brain we are a fish-like creature called my local min Jia our brain can make simple decisions process basic information but we can't outwit or outrun this Anoma Lycoris the great white of the ancient oceans our odds of extinction are far higher than survival of all the species that have ever lived 99% of them are extinct but a lucky roll of the genetic dice helps Milo toughen up your jaws your teeth they exist because over 400 million years ago we face the wrath of a primeval monster jaws and teeth mean more food and a bigger stronger body until 375 million years ago we're a footlong armored fish we look invincible but we're not now the choice is simple get out of his way or die Music we're safe in the shallow water or are we the water stagnant there's not enough oxygen starved of oxygen cells shut down toxic carbon dioxide saturates the blood we can't go back we can't stay here there's only one place left for us to go Music it takes over 3 billion years for our ancestor to evolve from a single cell to a footlong armored fish now our future looks bleak but natural selection throws us a lifeline over millions of years thousands of generations our body adapts until we do something no fish has done before breathe air the air travels into a new organ a lung take a breath and remember it's because a monster fish chased our ancestor into the stagnant water forcing them to breathe air we're in ik Theo steak ax we can breathe air or water closing off our windpipe to switch between lungs and gills today our gills are gone but the mechanism remains and sometimes it spasms giving us the hiccups 365 million years ago we stick our head out of the water there's a swamp behind us paradise ahead the choice is simple but the consequences are immense.

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