Where Form 2220 Email
Fill out the pre-built Where Form 2220 Email in just a few minutes with an automated guidance. Follow hints and enter the requested data into the fillable fields. Complete, e-sign, and share interactive PDF templates using your desktop or mobile device, anytime and anywhere.
Where Form 2220 Email

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All employers should be alert to a dangerous form w2 email scam it's a threat to tax data and to your workers these emails appear to come from someone in authority they may say something like I am analyzing some reports and need a copy of our w-2s for last year please send ASAP once the w-2s are in the cybercriminals hands they file fake tax returns for refunds all employers are at risk and need to educate their employees it's critical to report w-2 thefts to the IRS and to your state tax officials send an email to data loss at irs.gov in the subject line type w2 data loss then pryour contact information find your state's contact by emailing the Federation of tax administrators at state alert at tax admin org forward any w2 and IRS related scam emails to phishing at irs.gov finally review your company policies for sharing employee w2 data consider having two people review the request for w2 data to see if it's legitimate before approving distribution as part of that review call or meet with the person or office requesting the data to verify they asked for it remember it's always better to double-check it then regret it everyone can help protect against w2 scams for more information go to irs.gov slash identity theft and see the businesses section.

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