Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Foundations

Hey guys I'm back to my channel so for today's video I'm quite excited because I have been seeing a lot of people mix their stuff and it could be like hair products makeup this is the person who I first saw do this and kind of bring this to youtube and if I am miss speaking if someone else has done it before I apologize this who I saw I do it and I love our channel so I decide that I want to go ahead and have some fun and mix some stuff just to kind of switch it a bit and to see how it comes out so we're gonna be mixing together my foundations my concealers my primers my bronzers my blush my liquid I like my highlight it wasn't as raised I tried to limit it to about 10 to 20 kind of in that range so just throwing that out there because that would you just been like a lot so if you guys want to see then just keep on watching I hope you guys enjoy it and I already go ahead and switch over to camera number 2 because I want you guys to see all the mix in it this is camera number 2 my hands are ashy I'm not that she actually here's my little jar I got this Moo target and I have a couple of these so I'm gonna go ahead and we're gonna mix our primers first let's do it as you guys can see I went ahead and put down a crepe backdrop on the table so you guys can see it because I'm realizing that most of the primers oh why didn't you can't see it but gets the white so let's go ahead and resume but I will just bottom the crap but it'd be I was like aha okay let's continue my sicily tillage operator ah just put a little drop of her that felt so painful it one more primer my fingers are really head cut a sheet that's crazy look at my monitor like this okay they gonna mix it up yes I am be heck of bootleg and I'm using my last fuse but I'll have my spatula okay so now the primer is nice and mixed up let's smell it because that's just what we do this actually smells very pleasant okay I'm weird let's go ahead and close up and never go on to foundation because I want to mix everything first and then put it onto my face so that nothing just sitting on my face as I mix because this may take a while Music this is a spray Suzuki a little weird but we're gonna try it anyway okay foundation mix is go ahead close it up and do some concealers la girl Pro concealer what was that mmm look at it it's like water right now oh my goodness let's I mean we got some concealer but you got a lot of water Music try for your how to get this out I think I'm gonna scrape it on to the bottom you like to scrapes I didn't want to work out come on a lot the last four are little pots so I'm going to take the end of this and I'm just scoop them out like so it's great and keep scraping scream and scrape mixes as best as I can now ready go I have to face powders and I don't think I own a lot of them I'm going to use basically like all the ones that I own because there's not many and I think this should be easy that sure there's a dump some bin so hopefully this goes a little bit smoothly for me than the concealer because that was the hardest one so far Music Music and lastly Patrick's powder hope this ends up being really good and I could use this now we're going to go ahead and do liquid highlighters because a lot of those this isn't a highlighter but it's a face gloss and I feel like that's in the same categories we're gonna add this last because I thought I have more than I guess I do so okay so now we have that I'm not gonna mix it yet I actually kind of want to wait to mix it with a brush because I feel like that would be a better scenario for me now we're gonna mix my powder highlighters together and this is yeah I probably have a lot of these let's go ahead and just get started because I feel like I'm have a lot I know I am Music Music occasionally 20 highlighters Athene fact I'm gonna also mix this with a brush because I think this is not gonna work so let's go ahead and close it up and actually I think I want to shake it up a bit since the powder the blush I don't have a lot of blush so this should be pretty easy I have a lot of blush palette so I'm gonna scrape from each little thing in the palette and then I know I said that the lustrous lasts but I forgot was you saying spray don't have a lot of them I'm gonna mix together the ones I have I think I'm actually gonna use this to put the setting spray in because this is like empty so I'm glad because I did not want to have to dump anything cuz I don't be wasteful so let's go ahead and just add in our last thing sprayed some more feet go ahead and dump it into here and then I know I keep saying the last product last product but I just feel like I'll be cheating if I did not do bronzer because I want to make it a full face experience - eyes and the.

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