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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Percentages

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Percentages

Hi I'm Casey Johnson I'm a fourth grade math teacher and today we're talking about long division methods for elementary school I'm going to show you three different ways you can do long division ones probably one that you recognize the other two might be unfamiliar to you let me start with the one that you recognize or that you probably recognize 463 divided by five is the problem I'm going to solve now this is the traditional or the standard algorithm I'd ask myself how many fives can I take out a four well I can't take any so I'll go ahead and go to the 46 how many fives can I take out a 46 I can take 9 9 5s or 9 times 5 is 45 take those out I have one left bring this 3 down how many fives kind of take out of that 13 I can take 2 2 5 is 10 take those out I have 3 left I don't have anything left to bring down so that 3 becomes my remainder now let me show you a couple of other ways 463 divided by 5 now I call this one short division it's the exact same process as the other it's just less space how many fives can I take out a 4 none how many fives kind of take out a 46 I can take nine now that's 45 so there will be one left and I'm just gonna write a little one right there now how many fives can I take out a 13 I can take two two five this 10 so I have three left there's nothing left over here so that three becomes my remainder you can see how this would be quite handy it doesn't take up a lot of space it's actually a little faster but students need to know the other way before they can do this now let me show you this third way I really like teaching this way to my students it helps them understand exactly what they're doing when they divide and I call it the hangman method and the reason is that it looks like I'm playing hangman I draw a line over here and I'm gonna ask how many fives can I take out a 463 now I know I can't quite take a hundred so why don't I take 55 so I'm gonna write 50 times 5 that's 250 I'll take those out I have 213 left well it looks like I can take I can't take 50 fives so why don't I try 45s 45s is 200 and I have 13 left now so I can take 2 more fives that leaves me that gives me 10 with 3 left over and I can't take any more fives out of that 3 so that's going to be my remainder so I've got 55 here and 45s here and 2 here that's 92 fives and I had three left over so remainder three so that's three ways that students can use long division and I hope that was helpful thanks.

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