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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Preceding

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Preceding

When we load in the form reloading this form we want to show the first item issue on the customer time we want to show the business because this name is helpful and we put the form we open the form we want to see the business showing in here like this and now what we need to do we need to set the unloading line we need to set the needed combo ball is 19 equal to from about nineteen dot a data item item data and fantasies is indict you see in dick as long we put zero now Indyk is starting from the zero zero is mean the first one when he use customer ties this one will be ending equals 0 this 1 1 is to zero with the individual we cut this starting form you know the ID sort by the ID now we loading it you see now you show business I at the phone it's supposed to be individual the reason because we set sort by alphabet if we wanna go back to the is sought by customer type ID we need to focus our view and change the data a source will hear a response we go in there now you see this ascending this come when we created from about we need to delete this one and we go horrifying like this okay save it now if you the form now the first on the list we show on the copper ball when they open the form because we make it pure the first one which is under all load on this form you see all load here and the combo ball equal to the item data index 0 is mean the first one about eveyone to show the last one on the last item so in from above we want to show the last one which is your non-stop but I'm not often if you wanna show the last row on the combo bar when we open and to change some code you need to put something like a last role here in degree for to last row also equal to 1 and to define them also has an integer and last row equal to Y come to 19 not please come minus 1 it's minus 1 go all the way to the back and now item data equal to na 0 and this is save and close and will form you see now laughs so this show when we open the form we show nonprofit which is the wrathful of data hi in here I depend on what the purpose of your form or how you gonna use it you should show the first role of the Rossville we're showing it now when you pick on a customer name a show or opponent often another shape on come a bulkier if you coat the form right now and next time when you open it you want to show a non-profit which is the last you open the last you civic from disco ball when we close this form no no right now you open it and show the last one there is only but if I select the domain here a closed if my next time I want to open and come back with Tony need me to do something for them that one you need to save when you came to visit it's like disliking in you need to save some data to your program and then next time when you open this form and then the code be loading that data to this combo ball that's mean you need to create something to save you information poori you need to create a table for that this form they call last sleep but I be chained to Plus ID and hostess save table as lastly okay we have a table here and I have to use silicon the customer time here at the same time you want to save that information to this table okay everyone to update go to design view we need to use update query and revise this code under other update Elaine and we need to put dim string of the last thing and Asajj swing update equal to nothing table is the last leaked from here every lastly and then said the the field name is last leak name here silly equal to the combo box the combo box is 219 single quote double quote and then me done 219 and double quote single topic or and we do seem the run cycle down here a seeker name is a string update that's it save both now after we update here okay we Civic just need now got a message about to update one bull now we check on this table and cut down three because the number three is for a business here and PC twice three okay when you create a table make sure you add some make sure you have the ID 14 like a starting from one or one and then you tie something here and you can delete it or you can leave a prank yeah because the update and update the first won't wake up here now is select individual and update one more and here now this update we do is update to one if you don't wanna see the pop-up like this you can disable by set the warning to fall before you update we can set funny to form the same date dot set warning before and after adopted is if she need not say for me true they say I'm open the forum we update he and he just update and then at the same time is sin they updated table over here and I want me to do you know after we have been when we open the form we want to see that the previous Civic customer tie shown here.

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