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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Refunds

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Refunds

There are two types of tax fraud the classic example of a tax fraud might be what's called an abusive tax shelter oftentimes people some which are acting ideologically and some of which are acting greedily will go and make and create a church and they'll say that is a church or not a taxable entity and so everything that is done on behalf of the church is quote-unquote a ministry so someone may say I am the Church of Frank and I am doing the Ministry of Dentistry well Frank may just be a dentist who doesn't want to pay taxes okay that would be a very straightforward example of an abusive tax shelter other types of tax fraud don't have to do with misrepresenting the basis there to be paid taxes another example is just to do a false refund and this is a trend that is growing and growing and defending people against this trend is becoming more and more important and complicated and that would be somebody filing a false tax return so if I file a return under a false identity and I claim income that I never made and I claimed withholding that I never withheld I could apply for a refund and that would be a tax refund fraud so when you say tax fraud you'll have invasion and you'll have refund fraud or basically the two major hypotheticals or examples you.

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