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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Revenue

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Revenue

I've been a member of the bar the state of Maryland since 1954 I became interested in the subject of federal taxation when I was sent by a local law firm to Capitol Hill to cover House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committee hearings in drafting the 1954 Internal Revenue Code after some 17 years of government experience serving first as a clerk to a Tax Court judge and subsequently in the office of chief counsel of Internal Revenue I entered private practice in 1973 I have had an active practice which majored and emphasized federal tax cases representing taxpayer before the Internal Revenue Service and in the federal courts for approximately 28 years I became very much interested in the last two years in the subject of Internal Revenue Service procedural matters my concern has arisen over such matters as violations of IRS regulations by the service violations of statutory requirements by the IRS disregard of their ownafter record system manipulations of data on the IRS master record system ignoring statutory requirements for making proper assessment of taxes the the ignoring of requirements for collection matters such as the enforcement of IRS liens levies and property seizures and also a great deal of concern about a current trend toward abusive searches and seizures which in my opinion so often violate the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution one of my problems with what they're doing is they're making these assessments on these people that I feel like are not honest and are unfair a month survey something like 30% of the employees said they had seen examples of a tax payer being treated unfairly 30% you know what that means thirty thousand cases I had to leave the IRS because I presented evidence that I had accumulated indicating that the agency was violating the law and violating people's rights and I asked the agency for a response to my sincere concerns and the answer I got was that they would not respond to my concerns and that they wouldn't prme with the paperwork necessary to tender my resignation I really expected that of course there's a law that you can point to in the law book the code that requires you to file a tax return of course there is maybe I don't know what it is right then as we as he was speaking to me but sure so naively I agreed to go off and research it and get back to him three and a half months later I was at that point where I couldn't find the statute that clearly made a person liable at least not me and most people I know and I had no no choice in my mind except to to reside people what might say oh gee if there was an income tax what would happen to education they don't understand that education is paid for for the most part out of state and local taxes your property tax people might say well how we're going to build and maintain our highways if there's no money coming in to the government we need our highways there is a tax on every gallon of gasoline that people buy proceeds from the income tax do not pay for highway construction the amount of money that we spend on defense is exactly equal to the amount of corporate income tax which is quite legal and quite constitutional Americans just learned that the IRS was actually knowingly deceiving them but that enough that would be enough for them to rise up and put a stop to it do you pay an income tax yes they do you do have you ever seen the law that requires you to pay an income tax have I ever read it to mean in the page black and white no no have you ever seen a law that says you have to pay income tax the law is that God can't wear that badge a gun that's one put you in jail that's the law they have a Rambo complex the agents do and they would come into the office spend the entire day preparing to go out on the raid and just like a bunch of children when somebody's been taught that something is a fact all their life and you come to them with some new information that appears to be true is credible has foundation they go through what's called cognitive dissonance where their mind rejects that information because it means that they've been doing the wrong thing all their life and it challenges them to the core they they actually become afraid fear mostly is caused by a lack of knowledge you can't move forward and make a decision when you feel like you don't understand something or you don't have complete information so that's partly what I hope to contribute is to help people understand the facts understand the truth know how they've been duped because even if they haven't yet when they discover that they've been duped even if they haven't taken any action to disobey these quote-unquote civil tax laws that we've been following for 87 years if enough people finally realize the truth and are talking about it and demanding that the government answer for this injustice in the way that the laws have been administered then something can happen and will happen if there was known law and I wasn't afraid of them coming and taking me to jail absolutely I wouldn't pay taxes okay then no I wasn't paying income taxes um - no-brainer you I wouldn't pay it why would anybody because they you know that's that's what they tell us we must do else we're bad Americans did you pay it no you pay it no how would you pay taxes if your after would be a direct tax and it is not apportioned as the Constitution demands if it's against the Constitution then why.

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