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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Sites

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Sites

Hi today I'm going to show you how to reset a brother TN 2022 toner cartridge now if you're going to refill the cartridge you just remove this plastic button here tip in your fresh toner but what we're going to focus on is a the cartridge recognizing it as has been filled again so we're going to be focusing on this end of the cartridge here and the first thing we need to do is remove these two screws you can see on the end okay now with the screws removed we need to remove this gear here and place it to one side and take note dirt the this little plastic part here pointing upwards and we need to just remove a second gear which is this one here we don't need to worry about doing anything with that one now we can be focusing on this gear here and hopefully you'll see the triangular part just up here pointing at ten eleven o'clock needs to be span 180 turn it clockwise to lift down here pointing roughly between the end of this piece of metal and a bit of plastic up there you see now it's pointing that away okay and now we'll put this cog back in place it doesn't really matter where it is you can see on the underside it's got teeth all the way around so you're fine and now finally we're going to put this clock back into place now you remember it was positioned like this previously pointing again about ten eleven o'clock so we're going to spin it round on the axis and you'll notice it will eventually just drop in when it's at about six o'clock and if you want to check us in the right position you're looking for a bit of plastic on the underside which will only fit in between these two bits okay so with that done you just want to check thick springs with it and your notes in the right position now with that done we'll pop the plastic cover back on okay now with everything back in place it should look something like this see little bit pointing down there and the make sure the plastic casing is fully screwed down nice and tight it's no danger that something's caught and it hasn't slipped back into place and you're good to go just pop that back in your printer it'll now realize that the toner levels been reset and yet you get the full life out of the cartridge again or um if you've topped it up using this hole here yeah for life and hopefully you found that useful any questions let us know in the comments.

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