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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Suppress

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Suppress

Hi beautiful YouTube family Lisa a Romano here and today I want to talk about codependency and depression and I believe that depression is the result of suppression so if you think about depression imagine you know when you're depressing something you're pushing down on something and when you're pushing your feelings down and you're you're not expressing yourself and you're swallowing your emotions you're depressing your emotions and when you depress your emotions you depress the energy that your emotions are now remember emotions are energy in motion so your emotions are supposed to stay in motion and when we depress our emotions when we suppress by suppressing our emotions that's when our being experiences depression so why would someone who is codependent experienced depression well because someone who is codependent doesn't tell the truth why don't they tell the truth they don't tell the truth meaning they don't tell people how they really feel because they have been taught and they've been brainwashed to believe that what they think and what they feel is insignificant and valid stupid irrelevant you name it so when you are raised to believe that what you think and feel is just insignificant then as you grow up you have a feeling and as a child what you do is you're afraid to express that feeling and you probably had good reason to it's be afraid because if you like in my house when we express ourselves and we cried we were humiliated for crying my father would bang his fists on the table and god damn it if you've got something to cry about I'll give you you have nothing to cry about I'll give you something to cry about you want to cry I'll give you something to cry about I was terrified terrified so whatever scared me originally what I would do is I would suppress whatever it was that scared me in the first place maybe I was bullied at school that day or maybe I had an argument feel good what I knew is that when I made that obvious when my father knew that I wasn't in a good mood or when I was at the kitchen table and I started to cry and he caught that that that I was beginning to cry and he got angry and what I would do was I would see that anger I would fear that anger fear making him angry because we're conditioned to think that making mommy and daddy angry is a no-no and in most cases it is and parents were dysfunctional abused that power over their children so I was taught and probably more than likely many of you were taught to swallow your feelings swallow your feelings and so what we do is we depress our feelings we suppress our feelings and we do this over and over and over and over throughout our lifetimes now our patterns and our programs were created from zero to 12 so by the time you're 12 you think you know what the hell are you doing but you don't you know every twelve-year-old pretty much thinks that they know what they're doing and so the sad thing about that is that a twelve-year-old child is is aware enough that I can't be leaning on mommy and daddy too much anymore and what they do is they go out into the world with these ideas that have been brainwashed into their little little minds and what happens is they go out thinking they're supposed to suppress their feelings and always do is fast-forward the tape and what ends up happening is we have a whole lifetime sometimes we're not we're not we're not we don't wake up until we're in our 60s you know in our 70s sometimes our 80s where we go I was supposed to feel I was supposed to know what I felt I was supposed to validate my experiences when someone was cruel to me I wasn't supposed to ignore that I was supposed to feel that and I was supposed to have set a boundary and avoid people who hurt me deliberately and even unintentionally I was supposed to honor how I felt I was supposed to use this guidance to help me navigate my my life and my reality you know it's very sad when it's bittersweet when you start to wake up and you realize oh my god I've been living backwards like I'm supposed to be feeling my feelings you know um I often say that your feelings are not only are they II emotions meaning their energy in motion hello you know I wish I Stan was alive today so we could have a little chit chat because I could be talking about the energy that is our emotions with this guy I mean I think we'd have a great time but anyway that's just what I digress but I'm yeah so any emotions that are energy in motion and we're supposed to be expressing them and deeper there's a language of the soul most of time what comes out of our mouth is the result of programming and reactivity so we are we're reacting to the programs but we're not living when you're living when you're living from heart space your integrated mind body and soul I love a belly laugh because a belly laugh is an indicator that in that moment you are in the now your mind your body and soul is in the now whatever tickles your funny bone your mind is on board your body is on board your souls on board and you can't escape the harder you try not to laugh the more you laugh so all of us hopefully have had that moment in time where we've had this belly laugh of a moment so understand that that's what emotional integration feels like when you're crying you're expressing and when you're.

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