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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Ting

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Ting

Today's fast-paced work environment demands speed and efficiency in document processing yet in many officers document related tasks as still performed using different machines in different locations what if there is a solution that combines your document related tasks into one smart package one that lets you copy print scan fax network and share introducing canons new generation image runner 2021 series digital multifunction network solutions set to revolutionize document processing and network communication at the workplace powered by image chip light system technology image runner lets you perform multiple office functions quickly and efficiently you can copy print scan fax and send to email at breathtaking output speeds all with one machine even small work groups or office environments can now be empowered with advanced network communications capabilities so get set for enhanced capabilities never seen before in this category the image won a 2021 series comes with innovative technologies for exceptional performance the twin beam laser unit enables high speed print with high quality output the image runner is capable of up to 30 black-and-white pages per minute the same system also delivers impressive image resolution you can expect high quality printouts of utter 1200 dpi a further boost of print speed comes from an innovative vertical paper path mechanism that shortens the paper transport path for image transfer and fixing a proprietary rapid fusing system comprises a large pressing roller that fixes image to paper more efficiently enabling fast warmup time reduced paper curling and energy savings and Otto duplexing allows front and back printing of paper with two sheets being processed simultaneously saving on paper and time not only is the image runner fast and powerful it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing network the result efficient processing faster document dissemination and file sharing all boosting teamwork in the office another unique function is color network scan the contact image sensor employs a small LED lighting system for reliable and faithful color scanning color scanning is supported to provide accurate and advanced document distribution furthermore the image runner comes with an efficient paper feed system with a paper capacity of 1080 sheets it saves you the need to constantly refill paper user friendly control panels and operating menus offer enhanced usability most interesting is perhaps how the image 1a packs so many features into a compact space-saving structure within each runner waiting will become a thing of the past reserved copy mode means users can scan originals to be copied later even when the image runner is processing or printing the previous job it can store up to 5 copies which are released when it is no longer busy easy to use features access through the intuitive screen operating menus give you the freedom to copy documents in exactly the format you need two sided mode allows one-sided originals to be copied onto both sides of the output you can enlarge or reduce the size of the original document with the convenient zoom mode advanced copying features give you that professional look with none of the hassle the features include two-page separation image combination different sized originals original frame erase binding erase and book frame erase using these advanced features is simple with book frame erase the image one removes the dark border around the copied image when a book type original is being copied and when you're done copying a comprehensive range of inline finishing capabilities lets you perform tasks like collating multiple sets of documents the staple feature collates and automatically staples the document before outputting the image runner is the ideal network printer that allows seamless integration into the network print environment and if you prefer to connect a PC directly to the printer you can use the USB interface designed with speed in mind the image runner uses ufr 2lt as the printer description language rendered images are centers high-compression data to print to the device this will leaves the image runner of rendering back lock and enables print output at faster speed compared to traditional print technology and you can also combine multiple documents created with different applications as a single document with page composer you can delete or duplicate or merge the print jobs as well as preview them before printing helping you achieve professional print output with ease boost teamwork by facilitating easy sharing the unique universal color send function store scan color or black-and-white hardcopy originals as image files that you can send to one or multiple destinations like email addresses shared network folders or FTP servers canons proprietary page analysis compression technology can achieve high-level compression of color scan images to PDF compact at a file size one-tenth of original image for easy network transfer without compromising on image quality other file formats supported a color JPEG as well as black and white teeth and PDF the free color networks can gear software enables network scanning using a Windows twin compliant application of up to 300 by 300 dpi that supports up to a3 paper size the image runner can be enhanced with fax function with a transaction speed of 33 point 6 kbps it is much faster than conventional g3 you no longer need a separate fax machine fax documents can be sent directly from the PC over the network using PC faxing this saves paper and ensures clear fax quality automatic forwarding to Rick's fax documents received to pre-specify destinations this makes organizing of incoming faxes for specified recipients or departments a hassle-free task on a more hands-on level a smart map on the control panel display lets you know the location of any paper champs and provide instructions on how to clear them image Runner is also efficient for system administrators remote UI technology allows remote device management and control from their PCs this means that you can remotely check to by status job status or specify device settings for added security department IDs and user passwords ensure that only authorized personnel.

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