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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 User

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 User

Hi and welcome to Excel data entry form so let me show you guys how this works if I click on add or add record this is what you guys receive all of this information that I've just added in here she will display it right underneath here right there you see that verse okay and we can also reset your system or delete whatever we want let's say we want to delete let's do for something to delete assuming I want to delete this now okay I can just click on delete a message that is gone see that's let's say I want to delete this okay there and that is done so I can reset to reset all I need to do is click on reset and enter new data in there I say enter for the reference and the name of this let's say the name is repeat it's an address artists can see right so that is the address they are nipples cordless EDD and proof ID member time and feed so just need to do is to add a very rare card if you look in here now before God take a good look at this quake and there we go come right down dead as fits out eatos day okay so we also have exit if I click on exit and exit or do whatever like okay the other chain about this excel data entry form is all of these information that we entry on this form itself can be directly stored on to the Excel workbook itself so if I'll click on this now right so see that's coming here see that information okay that's the 14 Johnny so let's assume I click on it again look at that you see that is officially stored on to the Excel spreadsheet itself so let's come back to the form itself and we can delete some of those exits record as well so just select I'm just delete okay so what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to take you guys straight into Excel development environment I will put one of these together so let's do that now guys I am welcome to Excel data entry form I'm going to start by clicking on the developer tool right here but if you don't have the developer tool or if you are new to developing the system using Excel what I would advise you to do is to get your developer to you go to file then you select options once you run on options you need to click on the customize ribbon right here and once that is enabled you see the developer tool you must make sure that is checked it must be checked once is checked you then click on OK but if you can't find the developer to all you need to do is maybe go to popular commands and there you should be able to see a developer tool here just click and add to this customize ribbon area and then click on OK today and you should be able to see your developer menu up there and click on developer menu now you want to select visual basic or you can always click on at f11 as you can see here called earth 11 so click on visual basic once you click on visual basic you need to select inset and use a form click on user form now your form will appear or now that your form appears the next thing you want to do is depend on the size that you want your form to be my case I want the height of my form to be approximately 700 and the width I'll make that maybe one thousand and Teddy and just click on enter yeah that is it done now the next thing that you will need is as follows I need some frames so click on your form and the toolbox we have PA the pro toolbox is not there that is your toolbox there click on your toolbox I will now select frame click on the frame just drag it that much if you want to be specific you can always take off your design know the length of your frame and so on so suppose in my frame the top frame let's speed up our product Li 54 and the width I'm gonna make that 996 right there then so that is that taking care of the next one I would like to take care of would be another frame I might as well just click hold my control and copy this there so these very one that I've just copied I'm gonna make this size the width let's go for the hike let's change the height to 234 okay now let's come down here I'm gonna copy this again because I need another one copy drop they're okay in the case of this one let's change the I'm gonna change the height or down to approximately 180 so I have three frames there in my system yeah that's it all done now those three components of my system will change our color to select them individually the first two the first two will be of the same column so you can go to back column right there and select that will go to pallet and I think I'm gonna set you for this background color now this is very one on top change back color as well palette and maybe I will set you for something green just like that now for the girl one right on top I'm now going to add label click test label there and this very label I'm going to enter in there Excel data entry form okay I have Excel data entry form in there but then do you need to customize the size so let's go to form all fonts click on font.

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