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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Amend

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Amend

Welcome to at issue thank you so much for joining us I'm H Wayne Wilson i will share a couple of numbers with you we happen to know that ninety-eight percent of incumbents are reelected in Illinois legislative races ninety-eight percent of incumbents in general elections are reelected we're going to talk about why that number is so high and we're going to be talking about an effort to change the way districts are shaped in the state of Illinois and to help us with that conversation is Jan's arnoc Jan is the executive director of the Illinois League of Women Voters thank you for joining us thank you for having me and Brad McMillan is here Brad wears several hats he of course is at Bradley University with the Institute for principled leadership in public service but more importantly for this conversation Brad was is a member is that the Commission still exists technically a dad say is a member of the Illinois Reform Commission one of the duties of which was well we had a hundred days to report back to the governor and to the General Assembly on how we clean up Illinois government politics and the area that I focused my attention on was redistricting and we brought in experts from across the country that gave us best practice models and Illinois was not in that list on that list by any stretch of the imagination in fact our current process is probably the worst in the country and so we in our report called for sweeping reform and that framework is now what makes up the Illinois fair map amendment and we'll talk about fair map in just a moment but a couple of more numbers just to put this all in perspective we mentioned 98% re-elected those who choose to run again there are some more numbers of the 547 races since 2022 the last time redistricting took place of 547 536 incumbents won reelection and forty-five percent of those races were uncontested races is that due in part because of some of the way that the way that some of the districts are configured yes it's due largely to the way the districts are drawn coupled with the huge amounts of money that legislative leaders are allowed to put into the races of the incumbents that they would like to see reelected we at the league recently by recently I mean about a year and a half ago we started saying to each other you know year after year after year after year after year we find ourselves working on the same issues in the state of Illinois find ourselves going down to the General Assembly and talking to the same representatives and Senators about the same issues and getting nowhere and a huge part of the reason that we got nowhere is that for most of them they're re-elections are virtually guaranteed regardless of what they do or what they fail to do so we decided that it was really time for the league to step up and say to the people of Illinois if you want a state government that's working better you really have to change the way we do redistricting in Illinois before we talk about then there is a petition process underway that would lead to a constitutional change on the November ballot but before we do that our districts formed right now right now the current process and we're all seeing the commercials on the census coming up and if we don't do anything to change the process the politicians behind closed doors in secret will draw the legislative districts and they'll look at your voting history and my voting history and jans and everybody else's and they'll create either safe Democratic districts or safe Republican districts and that's why we get the ninety-eight percent incumbent reelection rate in the state of Illinois there's no transparency and then on top of that if the Republicans and Democrats don't agree on maps which they haven't for the last 30 years they put a Republican name and a Democrat name and a hat one year they used Abraham Lincoln stovepipe hat Secretary of State pulls that name out of the Hat and then that party gets to control the legislative map drawing process it's a crazy process in no way as it justifiable and it simply doesn't serve the best interests of the people of the state of Illinois and ten years ago the Democrats drew the long straw correct before we go any further I need to point out that there is what appears to be an effort to for legislation in Springfield there is a Senate redistricting committee chaired by kwame raoul and he is leading an effort that may end up in legislation that legislation would also go before the public in a vote I want to point out that we invited both senator john sullivan of that Commission and kwame raoul and they both chose not to participate because of commitments to their constituents will continue with fair map so the league is heading this up but it's really a group of organizations yes well the league headed it up in the sense that as I said about a year and a half ago we had a conversation among ourselves wherein we decided we really needed to step up and do something about not only a better census count in Illinois but also to reform them the way the ensuing redistricting would be done so we attended every one of the hearings the Senate redistricting committee had and we listened to all the expert testimony and reviewed all of the papers that the various experts submitted we consulted members of the Reform Commission particularly Brad McMillan and we consulted the brennan center for justice at new york university school of law they are the nation's preeminent enter on voting rights and redistricting issues we.

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