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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Applicable

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Applicable

Music Applause Music hello and we'll come to this new lesson which we will talk about this big microcontroller programmer it's called Hugh al 2022 universal programmer sort programs variety of microcontroller the one that I'm concentrating on is big microcontroller it also programs Iran and other ICS I'll show you a list of the ICS that this programmer support Music I've been using it since my graduation for about six years now let's talk about some details technical details now here we have two leads this one is a green one and there is power retained below and here we have the red one it's called busy the green one which is power will turn on once you plug the USB cable to this pole so once there is power it will turn on now for the red one it will turn on only when you program or you'll burn a cord from your computer to make my controller now here we have a socket the green one it's called ZIF socket you will place your bitmap controller here as you can see here we have a guide for sure to show you how to connect it now it's called ZIF socket or zero insertion force socket because you placed IC gently here you don't need to force it in then you move this lever as you can see this one once you move it as you can see inside the holes we have a plate that moves and lock the socket so it won't fall now another component here is the ICSP this is a connector but it's more to the telephone or Internet connector it comes with the programmer and the key in the box you bless it here and it has a cable with four or five wires that you can use to program Big Mac controller while it's still involved you don't need to blessed here you can simply hook these five powers that comes from this connector to your Big Mac controller while it's on board it's called ICS B or in circuit serial programmer programming this is very helpful when it comes to debugging your code or two distinct your circuit you don't need to keep removing the pick metaphor from the circuit you just need to connect these wires and you can do program it a thousand times it doesn't matter as you know this will help you with the problem of let's say damaging the icy legs from continuous insertion and removing the IC now let's move to the last R which is this one here we have three connectors the middle one is the USB connector you will see a cable inside your box with a connector like this you'll blessed here and the other end with a new computer now if you don't have a USB connector if you have old connection or old equipment and all the movement you can simply use this serial connector now in case there is no or your USB or serial port doesn't provide enough power you will need to block power socket or a power charger or about adaptor here you'll have to purchase it separately in order to provide more power to this but normally you won't use it I didn't use it for since four or five years because this little programmer doesn't take lot of power so USB connection would be enough to provide it with power and data communication so here it is next I'll show you the software and how to burn your code if you want to purchase one you can see the links in the description it's a very universal programmer and you will need it in your setup if you are starting your way and big pad controller don't buy that cheap programmer that only has a PCB and start with this because this is a universal one and you won't need to purchase another programmer after this one so this is the one that I'm using and this is the one that I will continue to use for years to come Music Applause Music Applause Applause Music Applause you that's it thanks for watching this is educational engineering.

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