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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Calculator

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Calculator

The principles of the ten keypad are similar to those used in typing letters. You will establish a home row, then develop finger paths that will allow you to key the numbers and return to the home row. Here are your home row positions: the right middle finger goes on the five, usually there is a raised dot on this key to help you locate it by touch. The pointer finger goes on the four, the ring finger on the six, and the pinkie does the enter key on the right. Now, let's do a couple of exercises on the ten key pad. Remember to keep your eyes on the video and don't peek. Pointer for middle finger: five. Ring finger: six. Pinkie: enter. Middle: five. Pointer: four. Ring: six. Pinkie: enter. Ring: six. Pointer: five. Pinkie: enter. Four, five, six, enter. Four, six, five, enter. Now, let's go over the top row positions. Pointer up for seven, back home. Middle finger up for eight, back home. Ring finger up for nine, back home. Pinkie: enter. Middle: eight. Pointer: seven. Ring: nine. Enter. Ring: nine. Middle: eight. Pointer: seven. Enter. Eight, seven, nine, enter. Nine, seven, eight, enter. Now, let's look at the bottom row positions. Pointer down for one, back home. Middle down for two, back home. Ring down for three, back home. Middle: two. Pointer: one. Ring: three. Enter. Pointer: one. Ring: three. Middle: two. Enter. Three, one, two, enter. One, three, enter. And we can't forget the zero, that's done with the thumb.