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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Columns

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Columns

Hi and welcome to this tutorial here I'm going to show you how to repeat rows and columns for every page that you print from a worksheet in Excel now if you'd like to get this workbook go to teach excel comm and you can download it there so what I've got here is a bunch of Salesman data or data on salesman and I repeated it just so it would fill a few different pages now if you want a database like this and you want to go ahead and print it it would look like this so let's go to the office button which should be file print print preview I'm zoomed in here so it's a little easier to see you see on the first page we can see that this is the ID number last name first name job email and phone number but we go to all the other pages we don't have headings anymore so we don't have a header row there now for this particular data set it may be relatively easy to figure out what is what but if your data set our database contains a lot more numbers say you have sales data for four quarters or eight quarters or twelve quarters for your salesman then it's going to be very difficult to figure out what column is what so the way we fix that is to repeat this row header on every page so I'm going to close this and now let's go ahead and repeat the row header now if you're in a previous version of Excel you need to go to file page setup and from there you'll see where we need to go in a second so file page setup if you're in previous version of Excel if you're in Excel 2021 like I am go ahead and go to the page Layout tab page Layout tab and within the page setup box click print titles right here when you do that you will see this window and this is exactly what shows up if you go to file page setup in a previous version of Excel just make sure once there you go to the sheet tab on this tab you're going to have a section called print titles it gives you an option to repeat rows or also repeat columns so if our data was organized into rows and set of columns and we had headers in column a you may want to repeat column a in every single page but for now we want to repeat a row so what I'm going to do is click in this box and go ahead and click this little button right here you don't have to do it but I think it makes a little easier so click within the Box rows for beauty top click this button see the cursor is now a black arrow facing right select any row you don't have to select a particular cell this selects the entire row no matter what or if you want to repeat more than one row at the top say my header row had two or three or four rows of data what you would do is select one row so click one row and then drag the mouse cursor down and this would repeat the first four rows on every page so we would repeat these rows for every page you know its first four four rows because though it's probably hard to see here this guy right here says dollar sign 1 : dollar sign for Row 1 to Row 4 to just select one row simply click one room select multiple rows click one row hold it drag your mouse down select multiple rows we want to repeat the first row only so I'm going to click the first row I'm going to go back and click this little button or you could hit the enter key and we see now that rows to repeat at top says dollar sign 1 : dollar sign 1 that means Row 1 to 1 so if you need to do columns it would be the same thing put your cursor in the column to repeat it left box click the button and select the desired column if you want to select more than one column simply click in the column hold and drag to the right and you can repeat multiple columns on every page but like I said we're going to do rows so I'm gonna hit the escape key and then delete this all right now we've got rows to repeat at the top so when you're done with that simply click OK and let's go ahead and view the Print Preview now you could have done Print Preview from that page so I'll just show you because it's easier when you're on this page at the very bottom in the middle button you have a Print Preview button so click that and so now we have the row header so we know ID first name last name job etc but let's check out the other pages oh my gosh there we go so on every page we know exactly what is in each column so that's how you repeat rows at the top of the page and like I showed you you can repeat columns just as easily if your data goes from left to right instead of up to down so that's pretty much all there is to repeating rows and columns at the top if you want to remove this function so you don't want to repeat the rows anymore when you print simply click the print titles button or go back to file page setup go to the sheet tab and delete this once you've deleted it click OK and the rows will no longer repeat so that's really all there is to repeating rows and columns in Excel.

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