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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Columns

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Columns

Hi and welcome to this tutorial. Here I'm going to show you how to repeat rows and columns for every page that you print from a worksheet in Excel. Now, if you'd like to get this workbook, go to teachexcel.com and you can download it there. So, what I've got here is a bunch of Salesman data, or data on salesman, and I repeated it just so it would fill a few different pages. Now, if you want a database like this and you want to go ahead and print it, it would look like this. So, let's go to the office button, which should be file, print, print preview. I'm zoomed in here, so it's a little easier to see. You see on the first page, we can see that this is the ID number, last name, first name, job, email, and phone number. But if we go to all the other pages, we don't have headings anymore, so we don't have a header row there. Now, for this particular data set, it may be relatively easy to figure out what is what. But if your data set or database contains a lot more numbers, say you have sales data for four quarters or eight quarters or twelve quarters for your salesman, then it's going to be very difficult to figure out what column is what. So, the way we fix that is to repeat this row header on every page. So, I'm going to close this and now let's go ahead and repeat the row header. Now, if you're in a previous version of Excel, you need to go to file, page setup, and from there you'll see where we need to go in a second. So, file, page setup, if you're in previous version of Excel. If you're in Excel 2007...