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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Completing

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Completing

Alright so essentially what uniflow does is adds a level of uniformity that is literally unprecedented in the industry okay because you have the same look and feel essentially on the stand front scanner to the image class printer to a mid-range imagerunner device to our production printers to a white format printers to prisma direct there is no company literally in the industry that has that type of similar-looking feel for cutting firm for products that are that diverse all right now that's how uniflow is known today okay and I believe everybody is already familiar with uniform all right but we're going to kick it up a notch and we're going to do that by introducing xiao lin xiao xiao lin is a senior manager of marketing for NT where and what challenge is going to show you is how kicking out kicking it up a notch means to show how the uniflow can solve work flow problems business process automation problems from shaolin without further ado take it away thank you steve back good afternoon everybody so rather than spending time on uniform self what the pragmatics met i'm going to show you a very spoke in advance you scanning workflow for example you used to sing can evoke scanned a lot of invoices and they can manually index them or we can do it let's take somebody has to make scan this and index in one by one so if they were to do this one by one you can take it's a little bike but what if they were to spend 200 of these and they will automatically indexed categorize them started workflow on its own we can do that and at the same thing it will be easy for the end user that simple that's not true this you guys can't follow screen and call it the screen on the computer i'm going to log in and pretty much what I do here is exactly what is going to be showing I can use a badge or i can use a pin code have a very super secret Pinto one as soon as I login I see your options its lucky in his local town and my sorry I got turned off of me I just wanted to just uh just a little housekeeping if anyone presses talk the talk button on their on their transmitter it will take it will take away showers ability to try and transmit what he's speaking please oh please don't push that button okay go ahead she'll take you so far if you see the record and go away you can't hear me well here I have a uniform screen I wet scan and what I have here is a simple in works has a bar code on it has some in works d team simply scan I have many different package I can scan it send or scan the packing slip and you see automatically start scanning and the same work for I can do it on a scan front or the other kind of devices let's get free of you here I could make changes for example ppi if I want to rotate the image converted look next now in the background here for scanning and categorize and see all the dead data skin company name order number order date what's your status I urity imagine this one only one it's ok doing 200 this car manual we can easily simplify this just like this place too literal these in the idea here start scanning categorizes it puts it under the unique folders for sharepoint sites anything where he wants just the auto populate part of popular and next scan is gone so it's simple as one step scanning for the unusual it's very advanced in the back.

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