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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Contents

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Contents

Welcome to the traditional bow hunting wilderness podcast this is Jason Sam Kovac and it's getting close to season here I finally got all my stuff in my pack all I got to do is kind of rearrange a few things but I wanted to show you it is basically all set up this is all pack I'm going to use for hunting this year this is a qu you to you icon Pro 1850 this is my main pack that I'll be carrying with me when I'm out there hunting and I also has you know a lot of you guys know I use a two pack system sort of thing this pack I've had for probably twenty something years this North Face pack basically what I use this for then use this is all my spare parts and refills and accessories that I need for this one so when I go on out of state hunt this was the one that I will fill with the rest of my camera gear all my things I want but the side pockets and things like that are filled with more bull hooks more rubber gloves extra first-aid supplies more batteries you know rattling antlers anything I need to that's not normally with me that I may need to refill or take from it stays in this pack so it's always convenient always sweet simple together and like I said I put all i'll put other stuff in there camera gear things that i need but this pack is kind of my backup pack where I get all my other stuff to refill this one from so that I'm not gonna break down on it's basically just a lot of repeat things that are in here or extras as I need them to put into that pack but it is a two pack system set up I use this one goes with me in the woods this one just always stays in my truck basically all hunting season long and as I need extra things or if I use them out of here I can take them from this to replace them so that's kind of what this one here what I use this pack set up here for so we're not going to get into that one too much skates like I said it's it's not stuck with me that's going into woods this one however I'm going to break down and show you what we got in here this is my main pack as it sits right now fully loaded with all this stuff I'm gonna carry and my harness in there my binoculars all of my stuff my lineman belt everything my vest all the stuff I get in here right now this pack comes in about 13 and a half pounds including the pack so it's not real even though it looks pretty bulky it's a lot of you know vests and harness and a lot of that stuff in here but it's not very heavy at all I got everything kind of picked that way on purpose so I'm going to show you what's in here what we kind of got going with us so you can kind of see things that I normally take with me I did one of these a couple years ago figured it was time to do a new one on here the pockets are in are not necessarily the pockets or the stand that's what I'm going to do after I get this all laid out I'm going to put it back where I want it but component-wise couple beef Jerky's always good to have a few beef Jerky's in there that way you got up as far as these aren't like food to snack on while I've been stand these couple I put in here these are basically your emergency food this is spend a night in the woods for a night kind of food it's lightweight it's easy it lasts for a long time and I keep carrying with me so we got a couple beef Jerky's right here they go it's me all the time and then in here I got a couple extra wet wipes in here these come in real handy these little single packet of wet wipes what's nice about them is after I'm done field dressing animals or anything like that or working on meat I can use these to clean up clean my hands and clean my knife and get rid of all the blood and everything is on there comes into real handy nice little 2-pack of wet wipes I always carry a few of them with me all the time I got a pair of gloves gloves they're just good to have space your hands get cold grunt call always carry a good call I just had to actually buy that one so I left my other one and Cameron boy stated once when I got really mad at it got rid of it that's all the stuff I have in this pocket right now not a side pocket here I have ever called having a moment again just bought a new one I like this stuff it's just uh I don't know if it works all that great but I kind of like it I take this and I do it a little differently I don't actually rub this on my shoes or anything like that this deodorant stick of ever column stuff is on here but what I do with it is once I get to stand I take the cap I put it up a little bit and I use the cap to scrape a few flakes of this stuff off I just kind of blend them around my stand just kind of it's like a deer dander type thing it's basically just you know it's just sense of you know dear son asshole everyday dander.

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