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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Credits

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Credits

So, I want us to all make a very simple application together and follow along with this. It's kind of important that we don't complicate things at first. I'm gonna say final new Android application project and I'll call this first GUI. And it warns us that comm dot example is not what we should be doing, so I'm gonna change that and put my first name there. I'm also going to simplify things by making this a one-level one API level, so it doesn't have to be compatible with the earlier levels. And I'm gonna say don't help me with the GUI. I don't want a whole lot of stuff added that I don't understand. So, we're gonna go for the simplest one and I think almost all the rest of it we can allow to default. We don't care about the icons right now. This one, I want us to use an empty activity instead of a blank activity, the name of the activity main activity, that would be fine. And let's see what gets generated for us. Here we have the HelloWorld application and we've looked at these folders a little bit and you'll start to get comfortable with them. So, we have some Java code that it generated for us, we have a layout for the main activity, we have a manifest that we haven't looked at yet, and the class library that we have for the Android SDK is for level 19 4.4.2, which is the current one as of the date of this video. So let's go and look at the layout, the activity main.xml. It opened this for us. If it can't find it again, it's in the resources folder, the res, and it's under layout, and they are XML files. So here's the...