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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Deposits

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Deposits

It's like the law no one knows about but then they can come in and take your money based on this law they definitely think it could happen to many many hard work and innocent businesses that don't deserve to have their money taken away the IRS seized over sixty eight thousand dollars from my checking account they said they seized it on the civil forfeiture law and based it on the fact that they thought I was structuring by the way I was depositing on money in the bank until the day they came in I had no idea what structuring was and he showed me a hot deposits on a piece of paper and he says it was a consistent pattern of depositing under ten thousand dollars in the bank my name is David marketer my businesses marketers bakery Incorporated I'm one of the owners it's a family business that started almost 100 years ago when my grandfather in 1919 it's down in Rhode Island we moved here to Connecticut we've been here almost 60 years we supply bread to a retail store and other customers that use our product on May 1st 2022 there was like a regular morning here two armed agents pulled up to our business and they were from the criminal division of the IRS and that they had to ask me some questions and talk to me about our business I said to them maybe I should get a lawyer and they said you don't need one step in the back and then more and more wages to started coming in and then my brother came back and they separated us with like four or five agents apiece and they were asking us all kinds of questions about our business I felt like we were being held for two hours against our will to stand there and talk to them without being able to call anybody I'd do anything and at the end of it they told us that they seized out money out of our checking account sixty-eight thousand three hundred and eighty two dollars you know I wasn't aware of the structuring more the mole or abiding citizen I can't remember the last time I got a speeding ticket they've had on money since May 1st of 2022 and we put a claim and to get it back based on the fact that we think we're innocent and that with all the national attention on the structuring we thought the case would just kind of phase out and then we didn't hear from him for 18 months and then all of a sudden our lawyer called me up one day in February and said that the prosecutor sent over a plea agreement he was as shocked as anybody and said was starting all over again they want you guys to plead on structure in addition to the 68 plus thousand dollars that they already took from us they wanted us to pay it another additional $160,000 and fines and plead to a felony charge of structuring and you could be incarcerated for up to four years with discharge I discussed it with my brother and he said that we just can't under any circumstances plead guilty to this this whole thing is crazy what they're saying about us and our business is wrong after three years of us waiting to get our money back we teamed up with IJ because we want the IRS to give us our money back and put it into this practice once and for all.

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