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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Email

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Email

Hello everybody I am working as a senior technical consultant in Microsoft Dynamics AX today I am going to talk about Microsoft Dynamics AX in the version Microsoft Dynamics 365 announced and operations this is the technical demonstration I am going to the patrolling so let us see the list of concepts what I am going to talk about today so these are other lists of concepts and then to talk for today's demonstration so what is erp history of Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics 365 architecture rules and responsibilities and P 365 implementation project procedure which includes cloud and on-premise so T 365 enhance and operations development architecture and development introduction so let me see about the first concert what is here so er this transferred enterprise resource planning ERP is a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology services and human resources and yes the software typically integrates all the facets of an operation including Product Planning development manufacturing sales and marketing in a single database application and user interface this is all output here P let me talk about the second concept this is your timing sakes before Microsoft Dynamics history so as an ERP so there are so many vendors in the market in ERP so let me talk about the the popular vendors and who are ruling the market in the ERP side so mainly sa p and r collapse and microsoft these are all the three most popular witness who are doing very good business with me happy so now we are going to talk about Microsoft ERP called Microsoft Dynamics a so the second one I am going to talk about history of my dynamic sayings so this is the history of Microsoft Dynamics AX except that old name was used to say as acceptor I accept I was first created in 1980 by two developers they have developed a complete software their names was Tarek and prevent damn god they have developed a software in Denmark in 2022 Microsoft have been acquired and they have named it the except table has a dynamic sakes so the finally the name their thing is accepte as X so if you see the portions here the versions you can see it has been started from 1.0 version in every version they have some sub versions say for example if you see here 1.0 has they saw version is 1.5 and the next version is 2.0 in 2.0 they have 2.1 to find on market path to supports and the next version is 3.0 in 3 pints or if they have a concept called service pack the subversions so service pack 1 to service pack 6 in 3.0 version the next version is 4.0 we just have in from service pack 1 to service pack 2 then 5.0 is we are saying as in X 2022 in this they have the versions of motions from service pack 1 to service packs are the next version is 6.0 which are telling us a ax from Triple which is started with the RTM version and the output they have are 3 version then the latest version what we are seeing is a ax 7 the take 7 later part the onion because dynamic 65 finance and operations so there are so many application updates the final version is 8 point zero point 1 so these are all the list of Microsoft Dynamics AIDS oceans and history so the next part is we're going to talk about Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture so Microsoft Dynamics AX up introduces a three-tier architecture which you can see three ties here the first one is clients second one is server and third one is database so 10:55 is the manufacturer what I am talking on so if you see here you can see clients our database so in this time start nothing but wherever the industry that's in the connector subscribing safes application but please we are saying as a client and he may be access from laughter are any other desktop fight that placing other claims here in Daniel 65 context it's a critic architecture and it completely death benefit so whatever the client they wrote in the a application they will be opening in browser Internet Explorer or any other browser they can I chose Microsoft Dynamics physical finance and operations obligation right the first time is right the second thing is application object server that is the second part you know like that is the so our second pocket the second type okay here they see the service which has been installed and has been started out with running state that will exclude all the business logic and all the requests from the client and all the database data accessing and Allah does anything else will be excluded by the joy is a ways to be after to database the database will be always connected to iOS layers we can attack the big point so this is like to be connection so this is always be a always will be running and it has that's good other than slovaks so database is obviously database and it's a three-tiered architecture with single database ladies Allah put the three tier architecture roles and responsibilities let me open a small document where we can say I can show you that the basic idea of their roles and responsibilities so generally in Java software's and any other ERP software any years of it there will be prevents or roles one is internal consultant and technical consultant so functional consultant is that person who will be there from the starting of the project and he'll be meeting the customer or client and every time he go to declined enemy cavity on the requirements related to the implementation a scope and they'll gather pick all the.

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