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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Employed

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Employed

Cleaning nation welcome to another episode of aggro my cleaning company podcast I want to take a quick moment to thank you for sharing the show for all the fantastic reviews on iTunes for all the kind and loving feedback I personally get from you guys on our Facebook group over email you guys are just amazing and gals of course if you listen to the podcast make sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you're watching us on YouTube feel free to take us on the road by subscribing to the podcast no matter where you're listening from grow my cleaning company comm is where you're going to get all the stuff that you need I just put up an amazing video just for you if you dig the show you're going to love grow my cleaning company calm today we are chatting with a return guest Michelle Reed with Michelle Rhee cleaning michelle has been serving the residential market in Tulsa Oklahoma for the last 14 years Michelle welcome the show or I should say welcome back hello uh-huh thank you thank you for having me back my pleasure so tell us a little bit about how you got in the business and where you are announced and then we'll jump in to see if I can't help you some okay well I got in the business by having a baby and needing a job I'll do it and I didn't have any like and yeah right so it's been of just taking what I knew how to do and what I already like doing which is cleaning and going and getting paid for it so and I just lived it so much I've been doing it ever since I took a couple breaks here and there but I always come back to cleaning that's the theme I get what the especially the people that do their own cleaning there's a lot of can I did it for a couple years on couple years off now I'm back so that's fantastic how can I what's going on in your world today I can bring you some value and hopefully make your life in your business a little better well I'm seeking to make my first two hires possibly free at one time when you think you suggest going off on how to hire two at once and just get right on to it it's a little bit scary because I'm I like doing it myself so but my biggest biggest question is do I hire them at contract people or employees or I just get a lot of opinions on that and I know it's not really right or wrong but so let's go that would be my question let's back up a little bit then we'll hit you with that so first and foremost if you've been in this 14 years and you are just kind of hire your first employee I want to make sure you don't have any kind of mental and emotional things stopping you and the read I'm not picking on you but I think there's a lot of people I know there's a lot of people including nation cuz I talk to y'all that have that where it's kind of like I have to do it myself if I hire something also going to screw it up I can't afford it there's just a lot of fears around it and I can answer all the technical side and I will about the w-2 versus 1099 but if you've got fear and kind of trepidation and there's some sort of mental emotional block it's not going to help so tell me about what is different now than a year ago four years ago 14 years ago that you've now decided hiring an employee is going to be beneficial and you're willing to overcome the scary part okay what is a scary part and I absolutely have those feelings that I can do it better and I don't know if that's like the mom thing in me like here let me fold your laundry because I can do it better let me scrub the toilet because I can do it right first Shack or if that's just part of branching out with your business but I've got that real bad like I'm afraid people do it right and then let's talk about the biggest thing is real quick what's the goals for honest because I don't want to coach you into doing something that's outside of what you're trying to accomplish what are your goals for your business what would you because there's nothing wrong with saying I enjoy if you like cleaning and you're making the income that you want to make in your life as you want it to be let's not hire anybody right I want to make sure I guess before we start talking about how to hire people let's make sure you want to hire people if you love cleaning and you can do it better than others why not just live live the life that you've got now I have a very specific way actually and it's impart of really big moms groups on Facebook they are total of the best people I've ever met in my have relaxed and we're all going to share normative pages and our kids are different ages and some of us want to call it some of the students that is where are they all of my clients from almost like I'm pretty sure about science it's in there I thought is where I get all of my workers like that's where I'll choose my workers from because being housekeeper fits into a school schedule and you can take a day off if you need to you can work it around for Kids program it's just okay so bring it that means great for guys too but.

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