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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Employers

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Employers

People are asking me about gaps and employments and there's many different types of ways that you could have this gap you might be currently in a gap or you might have had gaps throughout I want to go through kind of three four different facets of this so let's talk about let's talk about the gaps in employment I'm getting I'm getting this one a lot can you see I don't do anything small even my coffee cups bear in my head okay so I know some of you are you you are in a gap or you are a stay-at-home parent returning in the workforce some of you have elderly parents you've been caring for some of you were just out of have been out of work for an extended period of time and you've been you know searching some of you've been consulting some of you been doing projects got all kinds of stuff so I want to try to and I'm not gonna be able to go through every single permutation and combination of this but I'm gonna hit a lot of them we certainly that's we got the qa4 but now if you are in a gap at the moment or meaning you know you were stay-at-home parent you're re-entering the workforce whatever whatever reason there are six things that I recommend that you do to kind of not on us a supercharged basically really give yourself a leg up in returning and I'm gonna go through these very quickly but I just wanna I wanna I want you to have this list so it can stimulate your thinking the first one being you got a network so most of you have access to either the job search boot camp program or my ultimate career course or I've got some even some free live office hours videos where I talk about this session three of the boot camp we go into this heavy in the ultimate career course there's there's videos that go into this heavy and I even have a live office hours session out there about why your jobs are just taking so long where I talk about networking and I have a video out that's public business networking how to build professional relationships but really take advantage of your network and that's that's that's certainly an obvious one um but as we get into some of these less obvious ones there's there's the training aspect one of the things that we're gonna talk about when we get really prescriptive here in a bit about what you have to do in your interviews and in your cover letters and even on your resume is employers always want explanations now if you are training training could be taking classes some of you've gone we had a number of paralegals that has some people have gone to nursing school we get a lot of this some of you are just taken certifications we've got one guy I don't know if he's in here Daniel has taken the Salesforce a Salesforce administrator certification so things like that are absolutely fantastic if you're if you're currently in a gap another thing is and I always like this one but violent volunteering so anything that you can do that volunteers you in the direction of where you want to go so all volunteering is good for the soul all of it is anytime you expend your time which is your most valuable asset and and your time and attention is the best thing you could ever give anybody but if you are trying to expend your time wisely from a volunteer standpoint you want to make sure that you are doing something in alignment with where you want to go if you're in the arts volunteer in a museum I don't care if you're the hostess or the coat checker or whatever but there are things that you can do and you would be amazed and how many even even me for example how many enquiries that I got from kids in college or recent college graduates that just wanted to intern with me and mile walk to get some experience and I was glad to do that and I paid them a little bit where I could or treated them to other things but that's a really good way to to get something on your resume and by the way if you are volunteering and you are actually working you don't have to say that it was you know and unpaid I mean if you were volunteer and you were getting work experience that's to me is as good as working there so that's something that you want to think of another thing that you should not be afraid of it's never been easier than ever to open up some type of small business that could be consulting it could be projects it could be organizing people's closets I don't care what it is don't be afraid to take a part-time job so one of the things that I always stress is if there's a part even part whether it's part-time volunteering part-time pay whatever it might be but try to do something where you're gaining either the skills or the capabilities that you need for what you are doing and the other one and I kick it over I don't get this question right and I can't get over why not but there are a lot of wonderful professionals out there who do job shares we actually care and I used to work with a couple of awesome ladies super smart program managers project managers and business analysts that's that was their kind of area of expertise they they actually split a job 20 hours a week at at a technology company which was which was really kind of cool so I thought I think you know these are things that you might even you.

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