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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Extensions

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Extensions

You would have guys I got a quick tip for you guys on how to do tricep extension because man I've done this for so many years let me tell you I had a whole bunch of different ways I'm doing it I see a whole bunch of other people doing it but I found one way that consistently helps me hit my Trice's better than all the other ways that I found so before everybody goes mad know if you do it this way this way you know what there's a lot of weight check this out I've done it like this I've done it real close and flare out you know I try do it to where I'm pushing it almost like I have a bar so what I find on rope especially rope the biggest thing on roll the good thing about rope is you're able to move freely you can go down and go flare out and you can basically pull downwards which allows your muscle to be a lot more tense to have a lot more tension on to that muscle the problem though is because it moves around like this I mean they're like two dangling balls you know they like what are you guys doing they're always all over the place you know so it's hard to come up with a cute place to actually come down and up to where it really hits your triceps really well so this is what you do your starting position first of all is you need to be really close to the to the robot okay don't be like this bar because the next thing I'm asked to do is have your arms lude next to you okay so stand it to where at the rope was dangling in front of you you want to be what is this about four or five inches around somewhere I can hear okay so this way it's right in front of you because the next thing you're gonna do is have your arms globe to your side okay I want you to glue your arms to the side and I want your elbows if you notice if you do this my of was pointing outwards if I do this elbow is pointing forward I do this elbow is pointing back I want your elbows to point right down to the floor so if we do this see it's a ninety porting right down to the floor and don't do this have your arms right next arms next to you 90 degrees so just right here without doing without moving at all you have already have tension because we've got some weight okay so from here glue to the side I want you to come all the way down until your locking out now I come over here and take a look notice the distance between my hands okay don't press it together like that okay because then what that's going to motivate you to do is push for okay you're gonna have it separated at about an inch or two the most lockout now from here watch my elbows right now my elbows are still trying to point downwards from here i flare it out okay flare it out just for a sec flare back in come up okay so now this dudes a lot faster lock out flare lock out lock out flare lock out so I'm gonna put a little more weight to it so they actually feels a lot more normal for me I was a little too light I get close to the bar rope of those blue to your side elbows pointing downwards come down lock out back up salute here you get this we can see a little better here lock out flare lock out locked out flare lock up notice the whole time arms are not moving much at all Applause alright exercise he had to work a little bit on that one man putting some sweat on so that right there the reason why I work so well is because you're creating constant tension on your triceps when you're doing stuff like this you're using a little momentum you know and when it gets heavy what's gonna stop you from doing this what's gonna stop you from using your last look at your laps right here look at this you think hit your tricep but I have any use of the triceps yet you see so again guys it's not that it doesn't work it's just that when you're working it when you're working out you got to think about what am i doing what what muscles am i using to move this weight because most people that don't think about it all they do is think about moving from point A to point B wherever it is and if whatever grows grows and whatever doesn't grow Oh bad genetics you know Oh stubborn calves am i stubborn this man I've heard it all you know the reason why it doesn't grow is because you ain't working it all you doing is moving this way I mean how can I do two arms and then now I'm doing one arm move this way all day long remember guys wrap it up elbows locked in get close to the bar do not move this arm okay that's the only way your arms stay tense your triceps same steps the moment you start moving it like this the weight is kind of travel everywhere else tuck it in have your have your arms about you know it hands about inch two inches apart ninety degrees come down lock out flare out lock and ah okay it makes you have to come up this high now the tension is not in your triceps anymore always have it 90 degrees right here down so when you get fast at it you don't have to.

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