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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Extensions

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Extensions

You would have guys, I've got a quick tip for you guys on how to do tricep extension. Man, I've done this for so many years, let me tell you. I had a whole bunch of different ways I'm doing it. I see a whole bunch of other people doing it, but I found one way that consistently helps me hit my triceps better than all the other ways that I found. So, before everybody goes mad, know if you do it this way, this way, you know what, there's a lot of weight, check this out. I've done it like this, I've done it real close and flare out, you know? I try to do it to where I'm pushing it almost like I have a bar. So, what I find on rope, especially rope, the biggest thing on the rope, the good thing about rope is you're able to move freely. You can go down and go flare out, and you can basically pull downwards, which allows your muscle to be a lot more tense, to have a lot more tension on that muscle. The problem though is because it moves around like this, I mean, they're like two dangling balls, you know? They're always all over the place, you know? So, it's hard to come up with a cute place to actually come down and up to where it really hits your triceps really well. So, this is what you do. Your starting position, first of all, is you need to be really close to the robot. Okay, don't be like this bar because the next thing I'm about to do is have your arms glued next to you. Okay, so stand it to where the rope was dangling in front of you. You want to be about...