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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Feedback

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Feedback

When was the last time you heard somebody say wow this new government regulation has really improved the education for my kid I am neither but I bet you have heard somebody say that their child's life has changed radically because of his change of school or new class so the difference in the quality of education across the schools within a country is far greater than the difference in the country averages across Europe so in order to improve education for kids right now instead of bickering about the next legislation we should be finding ways to improve the quality of education school by school and the way we can do this is by building a strong culture of feedback within every school I used to work as a strategy consultant in London I help large organizations improve the way they do business and I work with some very exciting organizations in fields like diamonds and sewage treatment and I saw that there's one big difference between those that were rapidly improving and those that weren't and it was their willingness to listen to their customers to their partners to their employees feedback from others is at the core of how we improve so two years ago I left the consulting world and founded a Durio which is a web platform that helps schools very easily collect feedback and analyze feedback from students parents and teachers schools have been working in the dark there's a growing desire from teachers and school heads to find ways to improve the quality of education but they often lack the information to know what they should be doing differently and currently the only systematic data used in schools is the grades and is that really a measure of good education as recently having dinner with a friend who's very impressed with the new school for his son he spoke about his willingness to get out of bed in the morning about the wonderful class environment and the joy he now has for learning he didn't mention the grades once as we heard before cute education is so much more than just imparting information it's about motivating developing skills and competencies that will support us in life so how do you build that well the University of Chicago has created a framework of five essentials that are important for good education you need effective leadership from the school principal around a shared vision collaborative teachers who work together with each other to improve the way they teach involved families where the school and family have a close relationship supportive environment that is safe motivating and fun and of course ambitious instruction where the classes are challenging and engaging or 15 years of research show that if schools are good at most of these students results will be better but how much of that is measured by the grades not a lot so if we want a truly transformational education for children I assume we do right we need to look wider and help the school understand how it is doing and where it can improve looking at the great won't help with this and in fact there is just one good way to find out if we're motivating our students and giving them the education they deserve and that's to ask them this is what feedback in education is about is about asking those involved to share their observations and their feelings feedback isn't evaluating or grading the school as it's often perceived now in personal life we get feedback all the time by having personal conversations and asking questions like what do you mean I dance funny or do you think I should quit my job to pursue my dreams now in schools there are hundreds of students parents and teachers so if you rely on conversations you'll only hear from the active ones and miss out on a large number of people you'd love to hear from since schools the best tool for this is anonymous feedback surveys but more important than how you do this is what questions you ask it's important to discuss the full school experience so our team has spent hundreds of hours creating research based surveys and testing them in over 200 schools that instead of asking vague questions like do you like your teacher look wider we ask the students if they understand where this subject is applied in real life or if they discuss their mistakes in class we ask the parents how did their communication is with the schools teachers and school heads we even get feedback from the teachers about how they give and get feedback that's how much we love feedback but asking the right questions is important not just to improve it actually tells everybody what the school cares about when we were testing our surveys for the first time some teachers objected to one question and it was does this teacher treat you with respect one teacher told me my job isn't to respect the students is to educate them well if the grades are all that the school focuses on you're unlikely it gets much more than that now because of the growing focus on education quality schools are moving from having no feedback to collecting feedback sometimes even asking the right questions and that's unlocking a lot of very exciting analysis and exciting analysis is how I got interested in educational feedback in first place I was studying at the University of Manchester of studying decision sciences a science about helping organisations make decisions based on evidence rather than a hunch anyone who's worked in a large organization here will know that that's a little bit like world peace everybody's talking about it but it's never actually happened but at the beginning of my first year I got an email from professor and he was looking for somebody to help on a research project the task was.

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