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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Foundations

Honestly what the hell have I done what have I done hi guys welcome back to my channel it's your girl Jackie ina jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga if you a rope Robert impressed about the fact that I've seen my name get some hobbies get a job my song I'm not gonna say that I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna say it I'm gonna move right along we all know that no to foundation shades with the same name look alike ever since 1863 when Dolly Parton wrote the preamble there are a couple of foundation shade names that I almost expect brands to carry some of these shade names include but aren't limited to mocha mahogany deep dark cocoa a couple videos ago I did a side-by-side comparison of a bunch of different foundation shades all with the same name from different brands and basically we all put them next to each other just to see how close in comparison they were or how far off they were everything was quite interesting to see what mocha looked like in the eyes of a different brand then you know what a comments are actually commented on that will get they are counter that's kind of how that works some of the comment in that video saying actually next time you should just mix them all together to get the perfect combination of all of the shades by golly that's freaking genius mocha or mahogany for example those are names that have different interpretations depending on who you ask but common however if you call the product I don't know deep for example what could look like a completely different thing depending on who you ask what I consider dark and deep and deep dark and what a brand considers dark and deep dark could be for example my friend nabela fellow youtuber and brown girl here on YouTube you guys have to check her out her family is from Bangladesh she is what in her culture would consider pretty dark but to black people the Bellas once came today my doing this video I actually want to do min straight and show why it's so important listen up right now come come sit right here hire black people if now buck we would loose dark skin okay cuz when you are trying to cater to a certain demographic I can't tell how important it is to have people visible that can voice their opinions and voice their feedback about the products that you create so the people buying them are actually getting an accurate description of the product they're going to buy my review on the new morphe foundation a lot of people mind you on complete opposite spectrum complete you know the ones that usually got the most say a lot of people were like oh well the foundations look fine to me well I guess if orange is acceptable to you then my work here is done I guess I don't need to have this channel today the shades aren't gonna be comparing and mixing all together are the name deep Ange I'm here we're just gonna you know throw them all together in one little mixing bowl see how far off they are how close they are but also look let me tell you something if you haven't subscribed join the Jackie and a family one your credit score is going down 70 points automatically 48 hours check your credit score I swear it's true we love Jackie I know family members I've got a bunch of foundation said write it from me you can't see them but they're here let's go ahead and get started Music so today we have pretty much a combination of the good the bad and the ashy in front of me and there's just like a lot there's a lot going on right now I managed to find 14 foundation in these shades B and we also have our mixing ball so first on our roster we have it cosmetics the color correcting full coverage cream anti-aging hydrating serum SPF 50 once we factor in SPF haha you can automatically ex the walking dead product we're gonna get to them in a minute I'm just gonna show you what I've got on the roster okay the next products that I also have from it cosmetics is there's CC + oil-free matte poreless finish full coverage cream I'm also gonna throw in the bye bye breakout full coverage treatment concealer I didn't want to limit this to just foundations because foundations and concealers they're really the same thing I also got to be fun to throw to powder it is there your skin but better CC plus airbrush perfecting powder cosmetics it's just an interesting brand um they'll just always be that brand for me that shows up in last place no matter what they do it cosmetics doesn't me try it cosmetics is the brand that has a paper that they know is due in three weeks okay they know this paper is due at the end of February but what do they do they start the paper at 9:00 a.m. the days of damn assignment is dude that's what it that's just what they that's the vibe that they give me they do the bare minimum at the last minute and mind you the deep category products are their darkest products if I'm gonna talk about the brand roast a little bit this video would be six minutes you don't come here for six minute video you come here for the real tea and something 15 minutes minimum I was really off hooked by this brand from kind of the beginning of time BC days before Christ I was even more insulted when the owner of the brand ever since she went on stage as recent of.

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