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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Index

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Index

This is the seventh video in the series forward 2022 and in this video I wanted to talk about table of contents and you're writing a book or a research paper you can have a like a full page which shows the table of contents and we'll also look at citations and endnotes the little bits so I'm going to start with a blank document and because I want to get some content so I'm going to do what I did previously equal are a and B D for David Brackett and I'm going to put say I want 30 paragraphs comma and each paragraph should have ten lines and I'll hit enter so now I'll end up having a whole bunch of pages so let's see how many pages do I have seven pages if you look on the left-hand side on the bottom it's showing me that I have seven pages okay so let me just come to the top of the page so now what I want to do is I want to make it like as if I'm writing either a book or I'm writing like a research paper so I'll just for example output chapter 1 title so this is like my chapter 1 and for you to make table of contents work what we have to use is we have to take the headings into account the styles headings because these are the styles which will tell the table of contents to take these titles and use it in the table of contents so that's the way Word will understand it so I'll highlight this title and because this is like my main title I'll make it heading 1 and just scroll down a little and say up here I'm going to hit enter and I wanted to add like a section 1 point a now because this is like a subsection within the chapter I'm going to highlight it and make it heading 2 so so you get the idea like when there is a main chapter chapter 2 will be heading 1 chapter 2 point a will be heading 2 now if I if I had section 1 point 8 point 1 that would be heading 3 okay so I'll do one example of dot so I'll just scroll down a little and maybe on PhD somewhere I'll enter your and I'll type section one point eight point one and I'll make this heading three and you see this when I make my table of contents you will see that in action now I'll scroll down now say for example here I wanted this this line starting with my chapter two and I forgot to do this so in the previous video I talked about break so I'll introduce that concept here too so I can go to page layout under breaks I'll choose in this case next page break so that it will take everything that starts off to this line and it will put it on a new page and there it is now appear I'll put the chapter two and I'll highlight this I'll go to home and I'll make this heading one and I'll just do a few more like that up here I'll just enter and then I'll type section two point a and I'll make this heading two now in the previous video I also talked about how you can control sections within the same chapter so in this case a I wanted to make this paragraph on its own so what I do is I can click here or here and then I go to page layout and I put a break but I put a continuous break because I don't want the chess section to start on the new page I wanted to start on that same page in the same place and you see it shows me in this diagram how the red line is starting in the same place in the next page it's starting on a new page so I'll click that and I'll click at the end of this paragraph and I'll go to breaks and I'll put a continuous break now if you don't see the break because you need to go to home and then press the show and hide button so that my breaks are visible because I can click in front of them and then I can hit delete to remove it now why is this useful because I can go to say for example page layout and I can go to margins custom margins now I can make this section you see on the bottom is showing me that is going to apply to this section because I click on it and I can make the margins on the left save 0.4 and on the right with it 0.4 so now they have a different margin than the rest of the page so this is the way section breaks come into play so I'll just go back down here and say from this point onwards I wanted to start chapter 3 so I can go back to break and put the next page so everything goes to the new page I'll type chapter 3 I'll highlight it I'll go to home and I'll make it heading 1 and I'll do maybe just I'll appear output section 3 point a highlight it make it heading 2 and I'll do one more or somewhere a last page I can put section 3 point a point 1 and this will be heading 2 oh I think this will be heading 3 sorry because I use the previous one this should have been heading 2 okay so I've got all my headings in place now I'm going to click in front here and let's see I'll insert a blank page because the table of contents goes usually on the first page of your chapters so I'll click it.

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