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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Info

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Info

What's up guys I'm Olivia and I'm Kyle we're driving arriving today we are super excited to be unboxing and giving our very first impressions of this brand new Honda EU 2,200 generator so stay tuned welcome back to our channel everyone thank you guys so much for joining us today we are so very excited today because Honda sent us their brand new EU 2200 inverter generator this is brand new to the market and they wanted us to try it out so we got one completely free of charge but they said they wanted our brutally honest review of it but today will just be the unboxing and our first impressions and we have been using the Honda 2022 for right around two years now we've really loved it it's treated us very well into the boondocking scenarios so we're excited to open this up and take you along for the ride so I guess I'll break the seal here so right off the bat we have lots of different accessories and equipment yes so this right here doesn't come with the model but Honda sent it to us it's the parallel cables because even though this is the brand-new 2200 model it will still work in parallel with our existing EU 2022 models so we could get a total of 42 hundred watts so our current generator is the companion model this is as well and it needs to be the companion model to run them in parallel they both have the 30 amp input which is perfect for us that's all we need so also on the top they sent us this little adapter we already have one but it'll be nice to have another this is just the adapter we need to hook our 30 amp from our RV to the generator so nice to have another one all right we have our manual here I'm sure we will be getting familiar with this later on but it seems like everything is pretty standard as far as getting everything set up I think it just needs some oil I think so too and gasoline gas so now for the fun part I'm gonna hold this up and you take the box down is that cool all right guys well sure as heck looks a lot cleaner than everyone right now got that new Honda generator smell so before we go forward we're just gonna play you a quick montage to show you all the pieces of this so you can see what it looks like brand new and then in about 15 seconds we'll hop back into the what we're seeing Music so from the first glance it looks very similar if not identical to the current Honda we have and that's great for us because we're already very familiar with it and how to use it so you can see here on the front it has the 30 amp and the 20 amp output just to plug into it also has the Eco throttle mode which the other one had and the parallel connectors right here so luckily they said very similar to our a current model right here you'll notice the gas cap also similar however I do notice that this is great at the top where you can turn the air supply on and off so let's go turn it around and look at the side over here see what we're working with and again I would say it really looks similar as far as you know how to start it up the engine switch so it's plastic on the other one and over time just from going outside and cranking it there would be like a groove that had kind of developed from the cord rubbing up against it in the friction over time but this is a different feature they have here it not only says on and off but it has a fuel off button or fuel off switch right here and I believe what this does will let you run the lines dry of gasoline rather than running the whole tank dry so you can if you're gonna be storing it for shorter amounts of time you'll be able to make sure those lines have been run clean and don't have that water buildup alright so we'll go ahead and put the oil in now this is what the recommended oil is the sae 10w30 for this unit so all i believe me to do is unscrew this and this will give us a good opportunity to look inside and see what the engine and air filter looks like here so one of the very first things i noticed once olivia took this face off was that the oil hole a reservoir is larger than our bottle right now the 2022 model so that's nice in the lip right here that catches the oil whenever you're draining it is larger as well and it looks like it will guide the oil out more easily that's a huge plus because it is always a challenge emptying the oil out of here I'm not making a mess oil all over ourselves or whatever we're trying to empty it off of usually the back of the truck so let's go pour some oil in here and see what we're working with Music so we just got the oil in and we were noticing also that this is the exact same air filter that is on our current mm high right now so you know that's always good making whenever the engines keep the same parts because easier to find that way I'm guessing yeah but it's nice that they have made some minor upgrades here and there get more just user-friendly and easier to maintain so shall we put the cap back on and start her up yeah all right Music so one of the other things I noticed is.

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