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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Multiply

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Multiply

Hi guys this is the third video in our calculation trick series and in this video I will tell you how to multiply two numbers very easily so let's begin with our regular question which is can you multiply 4 3 and 21 in just three seconds well you must have your own trick but my motors this two gave you some something more something more important more easy so let's go to our trick ok so basically we have the number which is a 43 in 221 ok we have to find what is a any 21 so we do it in basically three steps and first of all we have to mark three blanks here okay multiply the tens place off first number means first digit of first number two the first digit of second number that is four into two and light here eight okay four into it is eight leave the second blank water at her blank and multiply second digit through the second digit 3 into one that it here three okay a calculating number at the middle position we have to multiply these two numbers cross multiplication 3 into 2 which is 6 plus 4 into 1 which is 4 is that comes to be n ok so we are here we have to write n we cannot write 10 because this place can accommodate one digit so we write 0 here and 1 carry here ok and some of these whole thing to get the answer just 3 0 & 9 so this is our answer is as easy as that okay so let's have a look over on our second example okay and let's take an example of 42 into 36 and try you also try to multiply it by yourself so what we'll do first we marked three blanks here 4 into 3 which is 12 we like 12 here okay right 12 year okay now 2 into sex with a 12 here but we cannot write 12 we only write 2 we would carry 1 okay for calculating the second number multiply these two numbers say into 2 that is 6 then multiply these two numbers 6 into 4 that is 24 we sum it up being a Thai tea ok but we gonna we cannot write 30 here with i-20 and we will give Kerry 3 and it's some of the whole thing is 2 1 3 plus 2 that is 5 and 1 so answer is 1 5 1 2 ok it is quite easy so let's have a look on our third more complicated problem some bigger numbers ok so let's take a number 97 in 249 ok and try to calculate it let's try we would make three blanks here 9 2 4 that is what is 9 2 4 that is 36 okay then multiply 7 to 9 that is 63 they would write 3 here carry 6 here okay I'm forgetting the second age we multiply 7 to 4 is 28 and then I multiply 9 to 9 that is eighty-one and they will get 8 1 9 and 8 to 10 1 0 9 here so 4 1 0 9 we write 9 here and carry 10 here okay and some of the whole thing which is 3 9 6 15 5 carry 1 ok 6 0 1 that is 7 + 3 + 1 that is 4 so I find the answer is 4 7 5 3 ok convinced this example was mainly for dad disks works for every number means you can increase you can have three digit number here instead of teddys sakes and you just carry you can carry three number here so I think can be done so this is a very precise and correct trick so you must use it and this is one powerful question so for mold math cool tricks subscribe to our channel and thank you for watching this.

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