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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Organizations

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Organizations

Okay what's going on YouTube stepping it up a notch but it's a great buddy to class today we're going to talk about the form well that's going to discuss the EIN number and the corporate structures of the EIN number now let me double check real quick to make sure that want to make sure I'm allowed real quick so this is my first time using this particular method of going and why I don't want to waste my time for eight hours can't think I am like all right looks like I am like all right was getting so low so we don't talk about the EIN number and the corporate structures of the EIN number because a lot of us that are that are going through the processes of beginning establish our individual corporations outside of the corporations that was established for us and without our personal percent was that start establish my own personal entities LLC ss4c force trust and foreign trusts and etc before we move forward in doing those gains and produced any type of Articles of Incorporation we have to really understand the basics on hands on how to set up and structure the ein of so avoid things like complications difficulties and tax liabilities or penalties in the future so as far as far as far as the application process and filling out the four I'm not going to be too technical on that except certain things that you definitely want to make sure of everything else is really is really up to you personally or how are you well decide the person know the setup your your corporate Institute you no chance so uh what I do want people to understand is that the people out there doubt something about setting their trust setting up trust and ups trusts and up trust like and they kind of I can tell they really don't understand really what a trust is because you know especially I put in putting things into trust and stuff like that a trust is like nothing more a trust is nothing more than a piece of papers like like like like like any any corporation or corporate entity is this country is nothing more than a piece of paper of course yeah realistically in era there are people that are people that that that help manage and operate and run this piece of paper to make a piece of paper what it is today but ultimately it will not be a corporation without this piece of paper to face this one makes a thousand official so this is realistically this is a corporation this is the corporation that piece of paper right there that's the corporation now what else I decide to do it that corporation is is up to me but that is a corporate a corporation now so Before we jump the gun they started and start and actually develop a corporation and start operating as a corporation or operate a corporation we need to establish that first establish say I and number preferably a foreign AI n number or if not eight or anything but I really all depends on what you're trying to do to be honest with you if you're trying to do it if you're trying if you're trying to open up and stops a traditional type of business and stuff like that okay okay you might just want to look forward to establish an S corp or ein now now escort really now I might not discuss anything else but the sbox you know it's for example LLC is a limited liability company limited liability it means exactly what it says it's limited liability on the on the owners of the other corporation basically limited liability as far as tax purposes and it's less it takes less less manpower to management to manage the structure of that LLC throughout the course of the year in general long story short a person only has to worry about paying taxes or D taxes for that limited liability company at the end of the year as opposed to throughout the course of the year like like escort or other other variations of corporations but just like anything else there's pros and cons to everything you know like this there's a lot of different perks especially write-off perks when you're dealing with escorts but it all depends on what you try and do before you do anything is starting to establish there anything like you really got it you really got to look and say these different different structures to make sure that whatever structure you you choose is going to better suit you for the longevity of your the corporation because you're going to be pissed off with years go down the ladder and you could you had an opportunity opportunity nice knock knocks at the door and you're not able to open it because you you you didn't properly establish the corporation or entity correctly in the beginning so but like I said we're not gonna I'm not get too far into that today this purpose is mainly going out to the members are here raise legacy and also the other affiliated groups and stuff like that that are that are going moving forward and so establishing trust you know establish an EIN number establishing corporations and stuff like that for the benefit of operating privately in the United States so that being said if you're not a member the hell raise the legacy make sure you visit the link inside the description if you're not with us you against us if you wanna know fax it to me access to you know what access to the private network as well as the private community where we were we not I don't you share information we share our personal experiences and if you meet access and what access to any any of.

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