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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Pdf

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Pdf

Here's a growing everyone in this video here you are going to find out how to scan a photo or a document on your Windows 10 PC this is very easy and trade forward now to do this you need to use the Windows fax and scan tool and to open that tool what you have to do is go right here to the bottom left corner of the screen right there and then click the start button right here this blue button alright so click it and then you are going to type scan type scan and then you are going to click right here where it says windows fax and scan ok so click start the story button at the bottom left corner of the screen type scan and then click on where it says windows fax and scan and so after doing that this should bring up this window right here this application for scanning photos and documents and now what you want to do is go right here to the top left corner of the window you can click right here where it says new scan so click on new scan alright and so right here you will have the opportunity to get an idea of what your skin would look like alright so now so now you want to click on where it says preview ok and so this will give you an idea of what your photo or document would look like once you scan it as you can see here is my document and photo here it is use my scan photo and this will give me an idea why it looks like so now if you notice that your document or photo is somewhat crooked you can open your scanner and then we adjust it make sure that it looks pretty looks properly and so now you can click preview again to get an idea a dfi it looks like so now once you are satisfied with the results click on where it says scan so now once you click scan what windows will do it will convert that scan your document and when image for the computer and then it's going to save that image for you automatically it's going to save it automatically for you okay and he use the image right here here it is okay and like I said it saves that image automatically for you and this image they are saved in a folder that is called scanned documents okay so I'm going to leave this window on I'm going to leave it or not going to close it yet but just to show you where the image just saved they are safe and the scanned documents folder so now if you go right here again to the bottom left corner of the screen the start button you click it and you type scanned documents you type this scan documents okay you type scanned documents and here's the folder here it is you should see it right here and so if you click on scan documents you should see your image as you can see this is the image that I just scanned if I click on it here it is alright here it is now as you can see my image is somewhat upside down Windows 10 allows you to to rotate this image to make sure it looks properly this mine is upside down if you don't like that so what to do that what you have to do is right-click the image right click it and then click on rotate right or rotate left so you choose what it right or rotate left and you can do this humming however many times you want onto the image looks proper so in my case I'm going to choose so my case I chose rotate right are you chose it that's why it looks like this so I chose rotate right okay so as you can see right now it looks it looks good you know and so say I'm not satisfied I can always like right click I like choose something light like rotate left and as you can see it looks different okay so I can always do that so as you can see it's very simple to scan a photo in Windows 10 all right and also the reason why I said do not close this window yet that's because once you now scan the image you can also like save it under a different file name like call it something different besides image so to do that you're going to right-click anywhere right here we're going to right click anywhere right here and then click on where it says save as okay and then right here as you can see is the image that was scanned by default that's all I thought is saved by default and I can also quite a different file name where they call it a human going for example even drawing that I drew I do that and click Save and as you can see if I open the skin documents folder again I should oops up in the web browser I should see it and here it is a human drawing okay so you can always save it as a different file name if you want to if you want this little extra option but as you can see in general it is very simple and straightforward to scan and fax a photo on Windows 10 so if you liked this video please hit the like button and subscribe for more thanks for watching.

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