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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Reduced

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Reduced

And Brad the to motivate this physical there is only today oh the folks I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist Brad any physical there is most famous physical therapist on internet and our opinion of course my gender of dis disease or sciatica of the low back we're going to show you 10 best exercises you can do for this right so the question is are we talking about DDD or degenerative disc disease or sciatica or low back pain could be all the same right right you could have all three and one or it could be separate but I do want to kind of hit on this degenerative disc disease and I've had people be worth comment on it and I think it's one of those terms I really feel pretty confident that it's overused and it's a misnomer sounds terrible right say I mean I got a disease right and he isn't a disease it's more degeneration it's aging right so almost cases why I listen to a couple therapists so I went did some research on it I found a nice article by dr. Peter Ulrich and he came up with these that exact same or very similar thought so it's exactly that it's a misnomer not a disease it's a pain from a lesion or in other words a problem with the disc and it may be that the disc is shrinking and over-aged all of our just do shrink you know we get a day's walk they lose water and they get smaller and they write compress down right that's simplifying it but basically that's what it is a simple line and the thing is about what we'll show you one right here as a matter of fact this this model how does that look line you got it hold up and share so you don't have if you have a disease disc it's not read like this it's just this model so you can is easy for instructional educational purpose there's a disc but you can see the thickness of this disc this and all these are thick and which indeed is right this was much thinner this one could be considered a degenerative disc disease and also has a herniation as well and that may be part of the problem that all works together and then because of this you get sciatica so you can kind of see how and we'll colossal error can you see how these two bones come together that this hole gets smaller right where the nerve the spinal nerve right out that's called the foramen fragment just means a hole and yeah if that hole gets too small you pinched a nerve sciatica occurs it's easier to pinch the nerve to it you know I not necessarily is it going to pinch it all the time but there's not a lot of romance up there right inflammation and Eric it narrows up that hole exactly exactly I'm going to show you another actually an x-ray of the same devil yep and yet we're looking at it from this angle if we look at some x-rays okay these are real-life x-rays lady like this yep they're your dongle yep so here's l2 which we're at here then l3 and l4 now look at here between l4 and l5 there is literally no disk between these two discs and actually this particular back has something called spondylolisthesis and this is a shifted forward and we have no disk and actually this this down here is change shape it's pie shape and it should not be that way it should like this so we got two discs here with this with problems right exactly now the other thing that dr. Aldridge brought up was the fact that oftentimes with time the disc can degenerate worse but the pain can improve right it's just good news and actually this one has done that exact same thing and because this is my spine this is my expertise taken in 2022 yeah this 2022 and here four years later my back is improving although am treating it properly usually doing exercises but let's go through some exercises that you can I think they do is a point here that we Brad and I try to make quite often is the body has a great capacity for healing right if you allow it and you do things to make it not worse it over time we'll try to solve the problem exactly most cases by the way if you're new to our Channel please take a second to subscribe to us we have a subscription button over here or down below we prvideos on us to healthy fit pain free and we upload every day when Bob alright start off with some extra okay so the whole concept Bob is we're talking about the core okay to support the muscles around the back that are having a problem and not only that but learn your back so that you know where the neutral position is so if I arch my back this way mm-hmm that's one end range we call it and if I go the belt is kind of slanted down yep on that one and then if I go this way I'm rounding my back that's the opposite direction we'd like to find kind of a midpoint in there and that's where we want to strengthen our muscles and so we keep that back in that mid range keep your pelvis in those neutral zone exactly exactly okay you always start out with your lay down or you want to do another one I tell you what no you do the first ones because I'm going to do the ones with the ball okay and besides I wanted to take I wanted to sit down roll around on my stool a little bit there you go ahead a pillow laying down.

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