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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Unpaid

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Unpaid

So what can you do with an idea as powerful as revolution well I guess you can take the first letter the R and make it lowercase and put it in brackets but safer for the corporate sponsors now revolution used to mean a complete overthrow of the ruling system but now it's Sir TED talk theme it's just another word that products companies and individuals use and they actually promote the current status quo they don't try to overthrow it a nerdy touchscreen watch is a revolution a toaster which tries to burn a smiley face into your bread is breakfast revolution what was once the strongest of political ideals is now a buzz word used by tech pros to describe the newest mobile app but radical change was something young people across the world have fought for for generations and while the student revolutionaries of 1968 and the post-war era might not have achieved an entire new system they did manage to achieve some very important evolutions workers rights and fair wages universal education and health care a fair tax system which used to enable economies to grow while decreasing inequality but our generation has found that these past evolutions are being undermined solidarity and society are being replaced with self-help and cynicism you see we didn't grow up under mama revolution and mother's name was Tina there is no alternative you know we're criticized for being a politically inactive I believe that's because we've grown up in under an ideology which has told us that things are how they are and there's no other way ask for fair wages for a day's work and you're cold and entitled millennial oppose education fee Rises and you're called a senseless idealist demand your rights to health coverage or social security from your boss and I'll show you the door institutions companies organizations all across the world are exploiting young people and ignoring the established and sometimes it seems we can do nothing about it now growing up I always dreamed of a career at the United Nations an organization dedicated to promoting equality between and within States I studied international relations and seemed to be on the right path but as I finished my studies I began to notice something very strange my friends were working but they weren't really working that found jobs which weren't really jobs they were unpaid internships something none of us want but a broken employment market has somehow convinced us we need across Europe every year there are five million interns three million of whom are unpaid just to put that into perspective that's like the entire workforce of Norway working for free an entire EU nation of unpaid unshowered infants and it's not just in the international field that this disease has taken hold in the arts media film law business PR across the board we're told it's all about valuable experience these two words traditionally employee and employer disgusts and come to a middle ground on what the value of Labor is worth but value x value will experience has undermined this employers have taken advantage of widespread youth unemployment to commodify the very opportunity to work and I've done this by convincing us that working for them is a privilege a prestige an opportunity of value but this isn't necessarily true recent studies have consistently shown that this experience of working for nothing does not actually increase your job prospects a u.s. study found that people with paid internship experience managed to double their chances of getting a job offer or those who did unpaid work had virtually the same chance as those who didn't do an internship at all so don't let them convince you that you're worth nothing don't devalue yourself but actually it's not just about you the fact is when you do an unpaid internship you do real work ask anyone who's done one and they'll tell you it's not just photocopying and coffee runs you're doing work which if they hadn't tricked someone into doing for free Whitney to be done by a real employee so when you take an unpaid internship you're increasing downward pressure on wages you're increasing job cuts and layoffs you're increasing precarity of employment and if employers really believe their claim that their valuable experience will help you get a job then they have to also accept that they are contributing to inequality by offering unequal opportunities people from wealthy backgrounds can take up these positions while those who can't afford to work for free never get their first step on a rigged employment ladder now obviously inequality is one of the key issues our generation is facing the United Nations even dedicated an entire sustainable development NGO to the topic so when I found out the United Nations itself employs thousands of unpaid interns a year I couldn't really believe it what about the UN declaration on human rights everyone who works has the right to just in favor remuneration for work and equal pay for equal work what about the UN Covenant on economic Social and Cultural Rights which says young people should not be socially or economically exploited if the UN the standard-bearer on human rights isn't implementing its own principles then how can they expect anyone else to listen to them the hypocrisy was just so clear but it seemed to be mostly ignored because internships have fallen through the cracks in our moral codes and legal systems if you speak up you risk losing your reference letter something you spent months working for free to earn this system is putting us in a position which makes us unpolitical which makes us unable to assert our own rights and if you don't speak out and you take the job you end up the pitch waiting a discriminatory system which might not actually affect you but definitely affects others so after graduating my partner Nathalie and.

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