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Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Willfully

In the northwest corner of the United States, right up near the Canadian border, there's a little town called Libby, Montana. It's surrounded by pine trees, lakes, and amazing wildlife. The town is known for its enormous trees that reach high into the sky. I visited Libby and found that it feels somewhat lonely and isolated. Galya Benefield, a rather unusual woman, resides in Libby, Montana. Despite living there for most of her life, she always felt like an outsider. Galya is of Russian extraction and she told me that when she went to school, she was the only girl who chose to do mechanical drawing. Later in life, she got a job going house-to-house reading utility meters for gas and electricity. While ing her work during the middle of the day, she noticed something peculiar. She encountered many middle-aged men who were at home and using oxygen tanks. This struck her as strange. A few years later, Galya's father passed away at the age of 59, just five days before he was to receive his pension. He had been a miner, and Galya initially believed that he was worn out from the work. However, a few years after her father's death, her mother also passed away at a relatively young age. This was even more perplexing, as her mother came from a family known for their longevity. Galya's uncle, in fact, is still alive and even learning how to waltz. The early deaths of her parents appeared to be anomalies, prompting Galya to question other unusual occurrences in her life. One particular incident she remembered was when her mother broke her leg and required hospitalization. During her mother's stay, a large number of chest x-rays were taken, raising Galya's curiosity. She puzzled over every piece of her own life and...