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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 2220 Willfully

Instructions and Help about Which Form 2220 Willfully

In the northwest corner of the United States right up near the Canadian border there's a little town called Libby Montana and it's surrounded by pine trees and lakes and just amazing wildlife and these enormous trees is scream up into the sky and in there is a little town called Libby which I visited which feels kind of lonely a little isolated and in Lybia Montana this and rather unusual woman named Gayla Benefield she always felt a little bit of an outsider although she's been there almost all her life a woman of Russian extraction she told me when she went to school she was the only girl who ever chose to do mechanical drawing later in life she got a job going house-to-house reading utility meters gas meters electricity meters and she was doing the work in the middle of the day and one thing particularly caught her notice which was in the middle of the day she met a lot of men who were at home middle-aged late middle age and a lot of them seemed to be on oxygen tanks struck her as strange then a few years later her father died at the age of 59 five days before he was due to receive his pension he'd be a miner she thought he must just have been worn out by the work but then a few years later her mother died and that seemed stranger still because her mother came from a long line of people who just seemed to live forever in fact her at galas uncle is still alive to this day and learning how to waltz it didn't make sense that galas mother should die so young it was an anomaly and she kept puzzling over anomalies and as she did other ones came to mind she remembered for example when her mother had broken a leg and went into hospital and she had a lot of x-rays and two of them were leg x-rays which made sense but six of them were chest x-rays which didn't she puzzled and puzzled over every piece of her life in her parents life trying to understand what she was seeing she thought about her town the town had a vermiculite mine in it vermiculite was used for soil conditioners to make plants grow faster and better for a Mickey Light was used to insulate lofts huge amounts of it put under the roof to keep houses warm during the long Montana winters for Mickey Light was in the playground it was in the football ground it was in the skating rink what she didn't learn until she started working this problem his room icky lights a very hot toxic form of asbestos when she figured out the puzzle she started telling everyone she could what had happened what had been done to her parents and to the people that she saw on oxygen tanks at home in the afternoons but she was really amazed she thought when everybody knows they want to do something but actually nobody wanted to know in fact she became so annoying as she kept insisting on telling this story to her neighbors to her friends to other people in the community that eventually a bunch of them got together and they made a bumper sticker which they proudly displayed on their cars which said yes I'm from Libby Montana and no I don't have asbestosis but Galya didn't stop she kept doing research the advent of the internet definitely helped her she talked to anybody she could she argued and argued and finally she struck lucky when a researcher came through town studying the history of mines in the area and she told him her story and at first of course like everyone he didn't believe her but he went back to Seattle and he did his own research and she realized that she was right so now she had an ally nevertheless people still didn't want to know they said things like well if it were really dangerous someone would have told us if that's really why everyone was dying the doctors would have told us some of the guys used to very heavy job said I don't want to be a victim I can't possibly be a victim and anyway every industry has its accidents but still gala went on and finally she succeeded in getting a federal agency to come to town and to screen the inhabitants of the town fifteen thousand people and what they discovered was that the town had a mortality rate eighty times higher than anywhere in the United States that was in 2022 and even at that moment no one raised their hand to say gala look in the playground where your grandchildren are playing it's lined with vermiculite this wasn't ignorant it was willful blindness willful blindness is a legal concept which means if there's information that you could know and you should know but you somehow manage not to know the law teams that you're willfully blind you have chosen not to know there's a lot of willful blindness around these days you can see willful blindness in banks when thousands of people sold mortgages to people who couldn't afford them you could see them in banks when interest rates were manipulated and everyone around knew what was going on but everyone studiously ignored it you can see willful blindness in the Catholic Church where decades of trial abuse went ignored you see willful blindness in the run-up to the Iraq war willful blindness exists on epic scales like those and it also exists on very small scales in people's families in people's homes and communities and particularly in organizations and institutions companies that have been studied for willful blindness can be asked questions like are there issues and Canet work that people are afraid to raise and when academics have done studies like this of corporations.

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