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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Adjustment

Music you lab with you here in the morning nope no wine we're doing coffee today so I got up this morning I thought to myself what should I work on I thought ah how about that realistic sta 65 B that needs a dial cord installed so here we go another fine episode of solid state cinema he is there realistic of ta-65 be solid state receiver with the following problem broken speaker switch shaft that's a real issue because I highly doubt that I have anything like it the dial amps which are hidden over here and over here are burned out that's an easy fix but the main problem is go to the inside the dial cord if you look right over here there she is going around the flywheel about ready to break when you try to tune it the needle barely moves I don't want to mess with it because I don't want it to break so I haven't done one of these dial quarter pairs in a long time and it's a little perplexing I really don't know where to start so I'm thinking about seeking some assistance how about state thank you that's a great idea let's see what she has to offer by the way did you just get up me too where's your coffee I know I I don't drink coffee I guess okay let me show you what I got it okay well this is complicated sissie where should I start yeah honey can we expect that's a great idea alright well I was in the basement and I found this parachute cord it's a little bit fixit's I think it will work what do you think picking on really what is that huh it looks like a black cord it almost looks just like the dial cord you're brilliant so normally this is not a task that I would do in the shop simply because of the value of the unit and its age however as you saw I did get some assistance from solid state city and she talked to me into it but the real reason is the guys local he's cool and he really loves the sold receiver so I thought what the heck let's take her on there we go so here's the dial cord routing in the realistic receiver she takes off the cross here grabs hold of the tuning needle another pulley there does the right turn to the tuning cap and this little idler pulley behind it where the problem is though is right behind the flywheel to look down there you can see a lot of fraying there's a lot of shrapnel laying under it it's just wore out so if you try to turn this no needle movement she's looking really bad but I don't want to interrupt this because I don't want it to break so while it was intact I made this fine sketch okay so I know how many turns were around the main pulley how many turns are on the flywheel okay hopefully with that information and my trusty dial cord which is the right size for this job we'll be able to replace it so right here is the tensioning device to keep that core nice and taut so you develop enough torque to tune the cap okay now one thing you always want to do before you do on these tasks is make sure that this tuning cap moves okay because if that guy's locked up you might as well stop because you're going to put out in the new cord it's not going to work all right and there's no way to fix these things pretty much when they lock up it's curtains another tip if you're not good at sketching use hammer some pictures of that stuff right because you can always delete the pictures when you're done but it's good to keep a record of what's going on recommended tools for the job obviously a dental Peck and maybe some long nose pliers because you're going to have to do a little bit of brain surgery I always start with taking the spring off of the tuning pulley then I'm going to remove this cord and measure its length and then cut the new one obviously a little bit longer because when we get all done so right back in here we're going to tie it a retention it so I have the retaining spring off of this little tab on the pulley you've got to be careful they put glue on that and it really holds it if you take something just pry it you're gonna break that tab and if you do you're hosed alright so take your time get that baby off and now I'm at that point of no return they got to pull off the string and get your measured so you can see I have not had to cut this string okay I'm just kind of getting unlaced out of there the only other piece of advice I have is don't take this all apart and come back and we can do it do it like on the spot while you still have this fresh in your mind where you're going to have a disaster on your hands alright so let's get her tore down there's a tuning needle they use more of that stupid glue okay so take an exacto get under there pry up these tabs and carefully get that string out of there you don't want to damage this either so here it is bow cords removed okay still got the spring there and over here I went ahead and cut it for the bad areas were around that pulley now I'm going to measure this cut the new black cord and getters restrung so before you put the dowel cord in you should get in here and clean these surfaces.

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