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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Assets

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Assets

This demo I will show you how the reco manage content services work now this is a app what is allow your sales teams to do or even your feel forced to do is that they are basically able to use an android device to basically log in and access to the latest sales kit available in your system now the sales kit is basically a way to disseminate information about your latest products your little suffering and your promotions to customer so now your team disengaging the customer can then use this as a way to present your customers and the latest content will always be pulled from the HQ as you updated in real time manner so that they are showing are we showing the latest information to the customers alright and once the customer is basically happy with what they see and you would like to sign up the customer that's a basically an application form this application form can be submitted in real time basis and what we allow you to do here is to also use my card reader plug into the application itself and we can basically automatically read them I cut content and you will pre-populate into the application automatically including the photograph of the African at the same time we allow you to base v2 attachment so for example if you want to attach some supporting documents or even to capture the IV or the applicant you could do so and if you can see from here what it does is that you automatically water back all the images that you capture the system also allows you to dennis's flag what are the customer applying for and if you need to you can also include park or reading capabilities hey I can then read for example this barcode and is automatically populated into the system so this way I have key in all this long multiple teaching on the last part the merchant can basically assigned pass it to the customer they can a knowledge that you have signed up for this thing look at a through-line politicians and submit the application in real-time basis to the system and once the application is completed what we can do is to basically out put it into the selector format that you need whether it's in PDF weather is in CSV once the application has been successfully submitted you can also basically come into the system look at the status of the application at the same time if I need to I can also print out every day and prthis to the customer.

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