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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Attach

Today I'm going to show you how to add a pattern or texture to clothing in Photoshop you hey guys and welcome to phlearn my name is Aaron NACE and you can find me on phlearn dot-com where we make learning Photoshop and Photography fun and today's episode is going to be so much fun we're going to take an existing pattern or texture and warp it transform it and scale it to actually fit onto a piece of clothing it's going to be an awesome episode we're also going to show you how to take the highlights and the shadows from the existing garment and apply them over top of the texture to make it looks like this actually a part of the original fabric you can use these techniques to create some swatches for an online store or test out your designs on clothing it's going to be an awesome episode guys let's go ahead and jump into Photoshop all right guys jumping into Photoshop we've got our image of our subject and we've got our pattern so the first thing I need to do is get my pattern over here to this document we're going to use our move tool so let's click on a move tool here I'm going to hold shift and we're going to click and drag from one document to another there we go let's go ahead and convert our colors hit OK and there we go we've got our new pattern here on this image so let's hit f4 fullscreen and go ahead and zoom in a little bit now in this case my subjects shirt in the background is really light in color and this fabric is really dark so what we're going to do I'm actually going to invert my fabric to make it a little bit lighter it's going to make whatever's dark light and vice versa so let's go ahead and hit ctrl or command I there we go inverting our fabric and I like this too I think it looks really cool so that's an additional step you guys obviously don't need to invert your fabric because if not necessary but if you do want to switch colors really quickly controller command I is a great keyboard shortcut now let's go ahead and scale our fabric on to our subject so I'm going to bring our opacity down just a little bit we're going to hit ctrl or command T for the transform and let's go ahead and rotate this around there we go we're going to put it right over top of our subject and I'm just going to scale this down just a little bit now the real key here we actually want our fabric to be a bit larger than our than our destination so don't scale it down to something like that you want to make sure it's a little bit larger now in this case I do want this print to be pretty large so that's that's totally okay now let's go ahead and show you guys I'm going to duplicate this layer let's say you wanted your print to just be a little bit smaller let's say like that was the size you actually wanted your print well in this case what you can do is you can find duplicate areas you can see that this flower is the exact same as that flower right so if you wanted to duplicate this pattern and have it basically stretch across a larger area simply duplicate your layer by hitting ctrl or command J there we go and you can use a lowered opacity and just click and drag there we go until you can line up all right there we go until you can line up multiple fabric swatches and in this case we can line those up and then we can see we can repeat this pattern over and over again so if you have a smaller pattern you want to repeat this is a great way to do it just go ahead and line them up okay now in this case what we want to do we're going to be using this original texture here so let's go ahead and bring it back up to 100% okay and then I'm going to put a layer mask on this layer so let's go ahead and put a layer mask on there and I'm going to hit ctrl or command I to invert that layer making it completely black in this example we want to make sure that the texture only shows up over top of the shirt so we're going to use the pen tool to create an accurate selection around the shirt and then we can load that as a layer mask so first use the pen tool turn it into a selection loaded as a layer mask and the patterns only going to be visible where the shirt is so jumping back into Photoshop now we want to use the pen tool to create a selection right around my subject shirt so let's go ahead and zoom in a couple times now with the pen tool basically you want to click and drag in the direction that you want your pen path to go so in this case I'm going to click and drag in this direction there we go we're going to click and drag there and basically just follow the outline of the shirt so making small points and clicking dragging in the direction that you want to cover alright in this case we're not going to include the collar yet what I can include the back collar will include the front collar in our selection so clicking and dragging right along there alright and this is going to define the visible area of our shirt now if you guys haven't used the pen tool very much no big deal we do have some great free.

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