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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Consecutive

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Consecutive

So guys Austin Dunham back again with another video and today as you can see I'm here at the pull-up bars once again and because in this video I'm going to teach you the real method to do a 20 pull-ups plus in a single set or in a row so even the most fit people can't even do 20 pulls in a row usually they're maxing out at 7 reps or 10 reps for the pull-up bar you know honestly I think that more people should start working on their endurance in regards to the pull-up because that would definitely help you out we're not only muscle building but you know learning different exercises so in this tutorial I'm going to teach you the exact way that I did in order to get 20 plus reps on a pull-up in a single set so stay tuned I hope you enjoy the video alright so when it comes to join 20 plus pull-ups in a single set a lot of people think that you need to work your endurance aka doing high reps of the pull-up so that is half way true but in my opinion the best way in order to get that endurance and I stress to do 20 plus plus it's ashli work harder exercises than what you're used to doing now this means that all we're doing you just take in either a pull-up variation we're adding weight to our pull-ups to make it more intense so yes we're working high intensity with our pull-ups so the variation is all up to you there's plenty of them out there so but if you're a person who wanted to learn 20 reps of the pull-up then Isagenix will turn out with the Close Grip pull-ups so the Close Grip pull-ups look just like this is simply just use my Close Grip and you do a pull-up from there now along with the Close Grip I also recommend I should probably get the wide grip pull up so wide grip go as far as the bar allows you to go put your hands right here then pull up go back down pull up go back down so you also want to make sure that you're maintaining the correct form on the pull-up drop the whole entire exercise because if you start practicing with bad form that's going to lead to you sticking with that bad form and then you're not going to be able to progress the way that you want to so I did actually make a video on the correct pull-up form so go ahead and watch that if you have it so like I said we want to keep the intensity really high so if those variations are too easy for you that's when it's up to you to figure out some different variations of the pull-up that makes it difficult for you so you will know that the pull of variation is difficult if you can do no more than 8 to 10 repetitions I would say but personally I won't find a variation that allows you to do no more than 6 repetitions and a given set so that means that when you're doing the pull of exercise that you're actually filling around 6 or 5 reps alright so you don't have to stick to just different variations like I said you can actually add weight to yourself either by using weight belt or a backpack so that is my first recommended ways to actually doing 20 plus pull-ups in a single set alright so one thing I forgot to mention is that after you do that high intensity set what I want you to do is complete a normal set of pull-ups just right afterwards alright so this is called a superset or a drop set whichever one you want to call it so you're going to do that high intensity exercise and then right after you're going to do just a normal set of pull-ups and don't just do them all super fast you know all crazy actually do it slow and control chin over the bar chin down chin over the bar chin down so it should be really really difficult for you after you've done your high intensity set but trust me you will over time for your last start working and you will be able to gain work strength to actually be doing those high reps of pull-ups a way that you can test if this is actually working it says simply once every two weeks before you actually start your workout just test your match number of reps on the pull-up bar and then over time specially within a month or two you should see it slowly start to increase so you're starting out with only doing 10 races if keen should raise to 16 once you get in-between that 15 to 20 gap it's going to be really slow but you just kind of stick with this stick to the program but I just taught you and eventually I promise you you will be doing over 20 reps on the pull-up bar so that is my tutorial today you learn something new please give a thumbs up and also of course be sure to subscribe for future calisthenics tutorials videos just like this one so that's pretty much it I'll see you guys soon see ya Music.

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