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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Corporations

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Corporations

What's up guys Chaz here I'm extremely excited put these videos out for you so I am a new FBA seller myself I'm almost four weeks into it it's been an incredible journey so far as you can see I'm filming here in my home office slash gym slash garage so I built this little setup here got my shelf up last night all my supplies and I wanted to start making videos specifically for you newbies because I know a lot of people want to do this so bad you're looking at every everyone else's numbers and the Facebook groups and you know there's potential but you still have no idea what to do what products do I buy how the heck do I ship them what do I do about labeling boxes all that kind of stuff so I am here to give out all the advice I can absolutely free just based on what I've been doing the last four weeks and I've generated almost fifteen hundred dollars in my first four weeks which has just been nuts I did not expect for everything to just blow up the way it did but because I made a decision number one before you start anything you need to make a decision that this is going to work you are going to bust your butt and make it work once you've made that decision then you can move on so this video I'm going to run you through the exact step-by-step process from start which is having your product to finish so I'm going to show you on my computer the exact steps to list the product to print off the labels and to box it up and ready to ship out so I have a few things for you just a few random thrift finds I found for example this guy was 10 bucks still brand new so don't be afraid to go into thrift shops guys look at this everything is still wrapped up brand new I don't remember the numbers off top my head but out of 10 bucks I know there was a pretty good profit on this and we'll see once we get into the system random little goodies I'm going to use these as an example for you guys so I'm going to go through I'm going to list these and I am personally shipping these to my personal account so you're going to see exactly what to do let's dive in guys so step number one assuming you've already created your sellers account highly recommend you go with the pro version if you plan on listing more than 40 items per month so we're going to do is inside if you're going to inventory add product located your UPC code you basically have two options number one you can do it the way that I've been doing the last three weeks like I said I want to show you guys bare-bones basics you don't need fancy equipment right out the gate number one you can input the UPC code by hand on your computer right in this box here or if you want to upgrade and spend twenty to thirty dollars which I actually just did today and I'm super excited about scanner so it saves you the time and hassle plugging in ten digits so what you go through and do is scan that barcode and it pops that number right in there but since we're doing this old-school so you guys can get going right away without much equipment we're going to get going with this so I'm going to plug this in for zero two seven two four two five eight five two nine and four plug that in so right here is that Sony handset that I showed you guys earlier make sure the UPC code is matching that is a very important aspect if you see more than one item listed make sure yours is the exact model click sell yours of course as you do this with your product you're going to see very similar pages now you see right here you have all the information that you need you have everything from your sales rank to what the list price is brand etc and what's cool about FBA guys is you never know what hidden treasures are going to be inside of those stores out there whether it be a thrift store your local Goodwill or a retail store like Walmart or Target I found this thing for 10 bucks guys and I can already see list prices going for $70 even the used prices going for 45 so I just turned 10 bucks into potentially 30 40 50 dollars now you're gonna see a lot of different stuff and this confused me so much when I first started my take me hours to do my first product because I was trying to input all this stuff you do not need it why because we're tagging on our product onto someone else's listing that's why all of this is here which means you don't have to do any of that work all you need to worry about our two things your price and condition always putting condition first this one is actually brand new the box has been opened but the product itself is new but I'm still going to type in here new open box and I'll just add in tape back shut you know I just make it sound a little bit better I'll put new and unused so anytime you have dinged up boxes or anything like that you never want the consumer to be surprised by when the product shows up you know put yourself in their shoes you want to know exactly what you're getting ahead of time so this tells them it's a new unused product the box has been open and just a back shot and then.

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