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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Credits

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Credits

Music Music hi everyone okay that's a family that my problem Mila is alcohol because a car for them food Music since 2022 Universal Credit has been slowly introduced to job centers around the country is the government's new way to pay benefits replacing six different benefits including JSA ESA and child tax credits it's a once a month payment a very different way that people are used to doing things and there are some concerns that it's causing people to go hungry we wanted to find out for ourselves so we spent a couple of days at a food bank in all Music Music just got my batch from housing that they'll bring me but unless we can get me another voucher to the voucher for hopefully for electric as well because I'm low on electric lights on so I just I could tell on them in dark why just happen to only what do you think is the issue is switch from ESA G Universal Credit processed eventually about sighted out normally for nine weeks and the took deductions out there money and looking away 400 and sample for nine weeks well plus further forest coming up so the switching to universal credit is a real it's been very good difficult I'm just how I got a welcome of it that's quite a job now so class I went for a job interview last week I'm not open to get it just something you're feeling a little better it's horrible do you think that that could be seen as it could be seen as a good thing the fact that you're now so determined to get work I want to I wanna work so there's a all the message about what something anything look out there it's not worth it well good luck with your filming today yeah hope you get it good luck Music yes thank you and a brave offer a true because I thought I smelled sugar so you're here then because of changes to the benefit system yes what what were you on before yes I would I was all right gas electric everything before it was great and I had no problem as soon as it went on soon as this happened messed me right off when I rang them up say listen I've got an electric and I've got a child I've had no money from them for now so there's nothing that you do yeah never buy us a little joke there kingdoms above the street and I spent balancing all that in there you just connected the back Toback off the street yeah okay so and you're here to get food for your son yeah what about you you know hungry yeah I'll just deal with that yeah stupid chicken especially now it's bad it's really it's a joke I love doing it it is how long have you gone without food for what's the longest about to dance feel sick and that it's a week you're out of energy so so when you hear about universal credit what do you think it's a joke it's the worst thing they've ever gone Music what's the issue then would it be money you tried you trying to eat healthily but you can't buy all fresh stuff to last a month you can yeah you could buy bread and put it in the freezer to last year but milk milk and stuff we found that that's the stuff that we've been running out of milk bread fresh fresh produce so you've never had to do this month they're all the benefit benefits that you've gotten in on the past have they always been fortnightly yeah and we've managed fine with what you know about universal credit how do you think it's been handled how do you think do you think that it's been a journey it's a good thing I think it's been done well no I think I think it's been handled wrong and I believe it I believe it will put a lot of people into poverty what do you think about universal credit then I think the wrong I think he's totally wrong because you're giving people like mayo vulnerable an alcoholic Manas in there and at the end of the mall or whatever and one month so where they're just gonna spend it you give us somebody who's vulnerable I made it that money you just gonna blow it on do you think you can learn to manage it better I'm gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna ask him directly to pay it direct to the council some event is paid and then I'm gonna have to learn to manage Music Andrew what I've seen over the last couple of days here different reasons why people are coming in is that typical it's fairly typical the our biggest concern is universal credit it's a system that in principle the idea is brilliant simplifying you know yeah simplifying the whole system nobody could argue that that isn't a really good idea but the practice and the way it's been introduced it's it's just been become a nightmare but will this all be solved though when everyone who's currently not on universal credit is on universal credit and Stables what it's just a teething problem isn't it whether the teething problems that which nothing is being done about nothing seems to be learned from the problems that we've that we're encountering here Music Music according to the Trussell trust what we've seen here over the last two days is typical of food banks around the country where Universal Credit has been rolled out you can't blame food shortages entirely on changes to the benefit system what we've learned here is they are undoubtedly a factor.

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