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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Determining

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Determining

Welcome to season 1 episode 14 of Shawn's outdoor adventures alright in this episode I'm gonna be going over some more hunting product reviews for you and I hope you enjoyed I hope it benefits you so let's go ahead and get started time for scent elimination and as you can see I got all kinds of detergents and sprays and everything here I'm gonna go over everything with you and I've done a lot of extreme experimentation over the years especially last few years trying to find ways to really get my clothes completely a hundred percent scent free to where you take out a washer or the dryer you put your nose up to it and you don't smell anything at all that's what I'm looking for so let me first talk about non hunting products because I got them in the front and I'll move them to the back for years I tried adding things like baking soda borax every hunter should probably have a box of borax in this house because you can use it for so many things even in taxidermy type stuff and you know if you're doing trying to clean up a school mount things like that so borax the only problem with borax is it lightens your clothes and so they fade a lot quicker and for your hunting camo by the end of the season I actually used it last year and by the end of the year my camo was really majorly faded you know baking soda claims to you know help with odors and things like that I used this whole box it's completely empty I used this the the amount they recommend that I use more than the amount they recommend and it didn't help at all that's just my personal observation last year I was out in Illinois and I didn't have my soap that I needed my hunting soap and so I ran out to the grocery store the closest thing and I got this stuff which is scent free dye free all that kind of stuff it's hypoallergenic type laundry detergent at that time I bought the Arm and Hammer and it you know it worked ok since that time I bought all I actually feel like they work about the same I kind of would prefer all but what I discovered after that actually I drove about an almost an hour away to a Walmart the closest Walmart where I was hunting and they had Primo's had a laundry detergent for hunting clothes that it said all the right things on the container like you know everything you would want a set elimination soap to do that's what it says it did you know and I'm and I used it in the soap itself had like this funky smell to it and my clothes had a weird smell to him when I came out so no they did not the suit did not eliminate odor just made it smell weird you know with and the deer are gonna smell that so I would not I don't know if they change their formula but I personally won't buy that Primos soap again because I did not like the way that it worked so I don't even have the bottle anymore I used to stock a lot of dead downwind laundry detergent this was actually from like one of those kits where you get everything in there and I used it a lot the dead downwind laundry detergent for the last few years but what I found was like I would do exactly what they say in the directions and my clothes would still have an odor to them I would even try like soaking them for eight hours or I did every different thing that you could think of adding more so blessed so I read articles on the internet that talked about if your so if you use too much soap your clothes can get a soap residue on them and that can create an odor so I you know use the exact amount everything and I just wasn't satisfied but the soap itself one thing in the past it always made the whole difference was the laundry sheets or the dryer sheets I mean so all last hunting season it didn't seem to matter which soap I use whether it was dead downwind or one of these other ones the the key was the dryer sheets I will say this though you know like some of these hunting product manufacturers say they have what they called UV light reducers or whatever so basically they claim that these kind of soaps like your regular laundry detergent you're gonna have your your basically you know look brighter to the animal because of the UV light well in my field experience I've never had a deer spot me because I used this kind of soup and I don't I mean I don't have any scientific way of testing it but personally guys girls I don't think it really makes a difference that's just my observation I haven't had any issues with animals seeing me because of the detergent now here I ran into problems this year I'm gonna say this real quick because I'm holding the the empty I used all the dryer sheet things but the dead downwind dryer sheets they worked really well for me in the past and in fact they have like a moisture tomb and they come out of the package and I ran out of them last year so I actually had some descent killer I just needed something to moisten that quick sprayed the dryer sheets and put it back in and it worked so I actually got more use out of them than just one load and then I started to incorporate more fleece clothing into my hunting apparel this year and toward the end of last.

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