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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Developments

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Developments

If you came to Dubai a few years ago you'd have got this sand and loads of it and an amazing thing happened fantasy became reality in the space of just 20 years Dubai turned from desert into a jaw-dropping oasis of stone marble concrete glass and roar excitement but a bolder and wacky of the idea the more likely it was to be accepted giant Islands the shape of Palms that could be seen from space as soon to be the world's tallest skyscraper a modern-day Tower of Babel the slices for the clouds had almost a kilometer above the ground Dubai has become a center of a modern-day Gold Rush but the big question for Dubai is whether this great global credit crunch is gonna bite here and whether that will turn the debye dream into a nightmare Dubai is one of the seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates under the rule of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum this reputation is a tax-free haven and land of opportunity have attracted 120,000 Brits all chasing the Dubai dream you have both completely lost your marbles I mean you have paid fifty million dollars for a load a sack a dreamer your position in society can be elevated overnight and vast riches are there for the taking officer for the state to this funding 17 million pound the partisan divide in a country where Sharia Bayes law is dished out on crop top wearing partygoers what's it really like to live here a mixing with the locals I talk tactics with the man that bought Man City there's the Burj Al Arab and what about the world's financial meltdown are they feeling the heat you say credit cards people think whoa whoa there's no credit crunch in Dubai it's not coming it's the it's here but lurking in the background behind all of this is the fact that in just 10 years time Dubai's oil will run out the race is on if you'd invested in property out here over the past six years I'd give your financial advisor a raise because you'll easily have tripled your money but it wasn't for the faint-hearted four miles out to sea is probably the craziest property investment on the planet for sale 300 Islands the scene from above replicate the countries of the world this is absolutely ridiculous I've heard about this place I've seen the pictures I know all the facts until you actually come out here like this and experience it for yourself you have no idea of the sheer scale of it 320 million cubic meters have redistributed seabed later do buyers not just put itself on the mat to put the mat on itself I'm heading for Britain gentlemen permission to come ashore permission granted thank you very much X Londoners Safiye karashi and Mustafa nari moved to Dubai four years ago between them they've just bought England dare I ask how much you pay for it topping over 250 billion dollars you have both completely lost your marbles I mean you have paid 50 million dollars for a load of sack yeah it's one view tell me some of the stuff we're gonna do here the idea very much is to have some luxury accommodation wait where you can bring your boat pocket right outside your villa swimming pools spas how many are we talking about you're talking in and around 100 mark 100 villas over here so you're living in your own private villa surrounded by you know absolutely amazing shorelines beaches I mean you say this but you're actually surrounded by the French over there and the Germans over there I mean they are worrying me clothes on they you know they have felt closer but luckily there's still a bit of sea between them I'm imagining now these luxury villas here and even if they went just for 5 million dollars each I've just worked out you'll make a profit of 450 million dollars would give forwardand the cost of construction which is still working on that one yeah we're still making what I think they call him ballon a nice little earner right say we might be I mean that's a great story absolutely ballon boy buyers Britain yeah it's not bad is it Saffy is a perfect example of a Dubai dream four years ago he arrived his skint having lost everything in a failed internet firm now thanks to a series of shrewd property deals he's the king of England I'm looking to invade France but how did this little-known desert outpost become such a magnet for investors and those in search of a better life in the Sun defi it's not an incredibly good job and marketing itself largely through one of the outset here to be utterly ludicrous projects they feed by and you think glamour well on a rich hedonistic playground are you surprising them back in brits wrapped under red tape trapped under the dark grey skies so many down shopping wannabes think this place is utterly irresistible although Dubai is twice the size of London the main action takes place in a frenzy 20 miles strip along the coast the legendary Dubai Gold Rush can be traced back to 2022 when the law was changed to enable foreign nationals to own property it coincided with the launch of the most famous of Dubai's artificial island projects the palm jumeirah which because it's connected to the mainland lured investors by the truckload my first impression is it's massively bigger and he seems from the sky 34,000 properties were sold in the first 72 hours or the project being announced before a brick had been laid the weirdest thing about Palm Island is that five years ago I'd have drowned by now because this was all water nothing quite prepares you for the sheer scale of their ideas Palm Jumeirah is so huge.

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