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Hey guys welcome to hippies history and perhaps the fastest presidential ostrich video that I've ever made the election of 1820 you want to know why it's gonna be so fast because I only have one candidate giddyup the learning is no better done so the election of 1820 is really kind of the weirdest election in American history because we only really have one candidate now James Monroe is going to win every electoral vote except for one and that's kind of an anomaly there was an elector who cast their ballot for John Quincy Adams who wasn't even running some people think this was to make sure that George Washington was the only American president that a unanimous electoral college victory but that'll lecture actually said it was because he hated James Monroe but nevertheless it's not like it's a perfect situation in the United States in 1819 we had our first economic panic in 1819 a depressed economy and we have a lot of controversy with Missouri coming into the Union as a slave state with its new Missouri Compromise so really this is the beginning of sectionalism but the Democratic Republicans are united around James Monroe his third choice he faces no serious opposition from within the party even though there are these serious issues that are going on in the political environment the Federalist Party bom-bom-bom bom-bom bom-bom they're dead guys the Hartford Convention in 1814 really made sure of that they did filled a candidate in the 1816 race with Rufus King but they're not even gonna get together to have a party to nominate anybody this time so the Federalists when they did nominate a couple vice presidential nominees for the ticket they didn't nominate an actual Federalist presidential candidate so the error of good feelings is this definition of really having one-party rule in the United States this feeling of nationalism and really everybody wrapping themselves around the presidency in James Monroe so we have one ticket we have James Monroe so we have our candidates James Monroe and so there it is guys the electoral map it's not perfect we have one elector from Massachusetts that does cast their vote like we said before for John Quincy Adams but out of 24 states we have 24 states for James Monroe nothing like this since George Washington without a doubt now even though the Federalists did not run a presidential candidate they still had a ticket with vice presidential nominees and they picked up about 17,000 votes but 87,000 votes for James Monroe of course there's only seven states that have popular votes back then but that's about 80% of the popular vote for James Monroe but electrically electrically we have a wipeout now it depends whether or not you want to believe that Missouri was a state back then Missouri had just entered the Union but there was some controversy of whether their electoral votes should count because their state passage in Congress was passed the date they had cast their votes for the election but at the end of the day it really doesn't matter does it so whether you want to believe it was 228 electoral votes for James Monroe or 231 who really cares now there is one anomaly which is kind of interesting three electors actually died before they could cast their electoral votes so for the first time the only time in the last time we have a state with less than three electoral votes that's the new state of Mississippi who cast their two electoral votes for of course James Monroe but this is it guys other than George Washington this was the only election where a presidential candidate ran unopposed so the era of good feelings is gonna last a little bit longer but then those good feelings are gonna turn bad you know what I mean so guys we hope that you understand something about the election of 1828 its impact on American history I'll say it again booty up for areas where attention goes energy flows and we'll see you guys next time press the buttons.

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