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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Index

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Index

Hey guys how are you today I'm going to talk about my skincare routine and it changed it has changed about 33 weeks ago because as you may be assumed I'd know or not I regularly see dermatologist because I have combination sensitive acne prone skin yes and there was a time almost a year ago when I had a total disaster on my face this was this was this was a nightmare and I was just I was always like ready to cry because I couldn't like you know everything every day there was a new irritation process on my face don't want to return to that state of my skin so I began seeing dermatologist regularly and she also prescribed me some skin care products so and I'm very very pleased with the results of these products and I'm going to talk about them and I I hope that it will be useful this information will be useful for those of you who have similar problems and even for those of you may have like oily combination skin with some irritations in certain time of the month and you know yes because this is especially for women for girls this is a real problem and it leads to many many many uncomfortable psychological states so yeah in the morning I wash my face with this with this gel this is the company is called la la roche a la roche-posay this is a French dermalogica laboratory and the series is called effaclar epic-leather this is a serious specially designed for problem acne prone combination or even oily oily skin so this is a beautiful purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin so free paraben free ph 5.5 this is like just a clear gel seemed just a clear gel and so you apply it to your wet face massage it into your skin and it letters into a very very very light leather and when I wash my face I also use this cellulose pad I wet it under the water and I wash my face with it and I feel hmm for my skin this is a really necessary thing because when I for example where I am traveling or when when I'm staying staying over at like my husband's parents house for example what I don't have all the things that I have at home and when I don't use this pad for clean in my face I feel I feel that mmm I feel that some some dirt days on my face and you know this it not only cleans but it also scrubs your face a little bit so for like problem skin like mine this is very very important yeah so I always use this pad with cleaning gel and now i'm using this cooling gel as i have already mentioned then then i use tea tree water toner from wash I don't think this is a very necessary step but for me I just I just like this toner this is very light this is very pleasant and I feel it over time when when you use it like month from month to month it regulates the oil it helps regulate in the oil in your skin and the skin becomes less oily a little bit less oily yeah so most of the time I will use this toner after cleaning and then in the morning I use this cream again from LA roche-posay serious effaclar effaclar k it called its called ethical RK this is the daily renewal fluid for oily skin and this is this it comes in this tube 30 mil milliliter squeeze a tube and it has this so it's very very comfortable you just you don't contaminate the container and you can straight to apply it into your face or just to your hand and then to your face and this is in a form of a very very light almost like an emotion cream this is very light and very pleasant it has a very very slight pleasant scent but very slight you almost don't feel it and your skin's just my skin soaks it in like in seconds and it's a little bit mattifying a little bit and it can be also it's also good as a foundation primer yeah so your skin looks so and feels so clean and smooth and very nice perfected this cream is especially formulated for problems problem oily acne prone skin it regulates again it regulates the oils and it prevents any all the irritations and like the acne and all this kind of stuff I really like it I as I have already mentioned I've been using these two together about for about three weeks and my skin really it looks really really better I like it's clean it's clean and the state of my skin you cannot even compare my skin before and my skin now and I'm so so happy you know and I'm not wearing any foundation right now I'm just very wearing the MSF natural that's all a little bit of concealer here and nowhere else okay so that's what I do in the morning and then at night I remove my makeup with this to face makeup removing liquid from inertia so you just need to shake it and remove your makeup with it this is very important to remove your makeup every evening every even no matter how tired or how drunk or how I don't know you are you need if you want it if you want to have a clear healthy glowing skin you need to always remove your makeup yes and also to prevent wrinkles okay so i use this liquid and then I didn't wash my face with epic lot Joe then I may again use the t3 toner or not depending on my mood and as a night cream I use this poop tillis serious from.

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