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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Mileage

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Mileage

Welcome everyone to tax power our my name is Hector Garcia and I'm your host this is the monthly webinar for February 2022 today is February 1st 12:00 p.m. eastern tax power hour is a small business and self-employed tax Tips & Tricks monthly webinar and today's episode is commonly misunderstood tax deductions and this this really comes from my experience and we're gonna have a guest speaker here as well experience and what are the things that that most of our clients we're tax practitioners I get confused about or there's misunderstandings about and in some cases or when myths about on specific tax deductions so and this episode is gonna be focused on meals and entertainment travel meals and meals for employees and then we'll kind of do some contrast between personal vehicle mileage deductions and the home office deduction so that's going to be other topic so we're gonna spend about five minutes or so just kind of doing the introduction and talking about what other events we are involved with and and then we're going to spend the most amount of time on meals and entertainment and travel meals and that will be about 50 minutes and that will do the the distinction between personal vehicle mileage deduction and some of the tips and tricks around what what are the best ways to keep records of that and how to record them to for tax adoptability that would be about 10 minutes and then we'll go and discuss home office deductions and there's some really important pieces around home office deductions that would be about 10 minutes and then we'll leave it open for Q&A as a matter of fact you can ask questions throughout the entire webinar and then we'll be monitoring those questions me and Peter the guest speaker will be monitoring it I will try to answer them as we go but we will actually ask some of those questions verbally on the Q&A section okay that way we are we are actually answering those verbally as well and and it's the middle of tax season and you know there are sometimes misspellings especially on words that we use so far so I apologize that's mileage it was messed up anyway what is tax power our we are small business and self-employed types tax Tips & Tricks webinar it's a monthly webinar series if you're attending it live you don't need to do anything else if you're watching this recording in in YouTube or anywhere else you have to register to be able to attend it you register once you'll be able to access it every single month for the time being is free we don't know if this is ever going to be a paid service but for the time being it's free we're trying to figure out you know how much people want to learn about tax we have a website that's under construction taxpayer or calm so be sure to visit that in the next couple of weeks as we add the video recording and some of the notes from today's episode and there's also the Facebook group we just created that brand new created the Facebook group to continue the discussion and if you want to ask me or any of my guests the tax questions at the best place to go is to the Facebook group especially if is sort of a generic tax question do it to the Facebook group if it's a very specific tax question having to do with your specific tax circumstance email me or email the other person and we'll figure out whether you know we can give actual advice via email we will have to set up an actual appointment anyway this webinar series is every first Wednesday of every month it's going to be between 30 and 60 minutes we're not going to commit to a specific timeframe just because some topics are longer than others so today it's going to be about 45 minutes as I mentioned before register ones access all episodes we may have special episodes that are created with us sponsored content of course if you're going to keep this free maybe if if software manufacturer or anyone that serves the tax or small business industry you know we will obviously welcome those sponsors in and we may create those just to keep the webinar alive in the case that we want to keep this webinar free forever this is not meant for accounting professionals for CPAs or enrolled agents we are not trying to educate the people that in some cases know a lot more that me and some of my guests where China just really educate or help facilitate a discussion to the non tax experts so we can have more of a like a layman's type of conversation about hey what's going over the tax law and what are some of the practical examples around applying it we're gonna discuss changes to tax law so this year as as president Trump and the Republican Congress make changes to the tax law which they promised they did we're thinking that there may be some changes so may be good so may be bad depending on where you're sitting so we'll definitely watch out for those and as soon as we have a clear set of law changes and proposals we'll actually dedicate an episode to that so that should be fun when that comes out we'll talk about some practical examples and we may discuss you know tax software or or apps that that facilitate tax planning or some sort we may discuss payroll tax issues sales tax issues taxation of different entities and just any taxation topic and we want to try to make this as fun as possible because I know and I understand that if you're not a tax professional tax is typically not a fun thing now as I mentioned.

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