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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Multiply

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Multiply

Music Applause you may have thought that we started late but it is ironic that the first speaker would be the author of the book procrastinate on purpose how is it that we have more tips and tricks tools and Technology calendars and checklists than ever before and yet we still always seem to be behind how is it that we work longer hours we're moving faster than we've ever moved in history and yet we never seem to be caught up how is it that we know more about time management today and yet stress is that an all-time high the reason why is because everything you know about time management is wrong I first started to realize this a couple years ago it was early on a Saturday morning I was at my business partners house and I was picking him up for a very important international leader planning retreat and he has this two-year-old baby girl named Haven and Haven is the sweetest little thing you can imagine she has curly brown hair and these sweet soft brown eyes and we live in Nashville so she has a little southern accent that's developing and as I'm picking up Dustin and we're about to leave Haven comes sprinting down the hallway and she leaps and she latches on to Dustin's leg and she says daddy where are you going and he looks down at her and he says oh I'm sorry baby Haven daddy actually has to go to work today and she looks up at him and her eyes well up with tears and she says no daddy please no work today no work daddy and in that moment I realized two things the first is that I myself am NOT ready to have kids just yet...

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