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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 2220 Pros

Instructions and Help about Who Form 2220 Pros

Welcome to the gcn tech show its back I am indeed and this week we've got custom 3d printed helmets we've got electric gear we've got your upgrades to the bike volt plus should all racing cyclists be using the same bike let's do it let's do it Music alright what's hot in tech this week then well I've been in Taipei oh I didn't know that you've been in load much about you've been in Japan I have yes I brought you a present back from Taipei oh what's that check this out it's a gold cassette from recon oh I go with you you gold chain oh yeah he hasn't even unboxed it for me yeah I thank you very much mate I'll treasure that thanks base what you have you got me in oh yeah a slightly awkward yeah it's on its way it's just stuck in customs they'll be naughty you know that sort of thing so oh yeah don't worry mess on its way yeah heck so has just been launched and that is in fact the world's first 3d printed custom bike helmet which is pretty cool just goes to show how far we've got in the crazy world of tech yeah so the exact fit of the helmet is achieved by actually scanning your head with an iPad and the app creates a 30,000 point 3d mesh which can then be printed or groaned is a more precise term into the helmet yes now hexo itself is actually comprised of plenty of little hexastructures which form a kind of a honeycomb structure now the benefit according to heck so of this is that if you were to have the unfortunate incident of a bike crash the actual structure itself they'd bend and twist rather than compressing so therefore the actual impacts onto your skull is less than with a standard foam helmet which kind of increases in toughness when you're kids it doesn't it yeah what it's interesting the other cool thing about it is that the actual shell itself is made from 100% recycled materials which is always good to hear and something else that I found quite interesting about it from a logistical point of view if you're a business is that you don't have to have a warehouse taking up space with loads of stock you can simply sort of print them to order yeah so there's just sort of born when you place an order now it's not quite as simple though as using an iPad at home to actually scan your own headings yeah yeah exactly the wonders of the Internet sure it will be available soon you would actually have to travel to their HQ in London to actually undergo a master scan I suppose you could call it and then your Helmick be born from there price-wise at 350 pounds $450 or 400 euros which for a custom printed helmet for you that's not bad is it really we imagine the price will come down where as it does with most things yep exactly more tech later it's time now for our weekly talking point which is should all racing be done on the same bikes yeah and I drove my visit to Japan I went to watch some Japanese Karen racing up here in them no Karen apparently is the correct way of pronounciating of that work and it got me thinking yeah well travel broadens the mind it does indeed let me just briefly explain it then exactly what it is hugely popular in Japan it's one of the four sports you can actually bet on hence its popularity and they reckon over 1.3 trillion yen per year is betting on that which is a lot that's a million million so whatever currency that's in it's a lot yeah well I think the difference between the Olympic event which some of you may be familiar with is that well firstly the pace bike isn't motorised that's not dirty is it yeah it's just a guy on a regular track bike yeah and then the other big difference is that unlike the Olympic event the riders all of to use the same bikes and the same equipment so that also means clothing wheels helmets and all the rest of it so of course they do have the option of choosing the correct size bike because one size certainly doesn't fit all and also all parts on those bikes actually have to be stamped with the nsj logo which is the governing body if you like for the sport so all those parts have to actually pass a strict testing procedures make sure they're up to the strength and rigor of those sprinters because they're well pretty big guys and girls yeah quite like the helmets and remind me of toad from Mario Kart did you know what when I was watching I was thinking they could have something a little bit more elegant but at the same time it's tradition and traditions good but what's super about this fact is that they're riding on the same sort of equipment is that it's all about the purity of the athlete so it's really well Batman on man woman on women and I think that's absolutely fantastic way to look at it yeah well I like the idea of it but you know I think there's advantages and disadvantages one of the big advantages for me is that it makes it much harder for you to effectively buy a medal through using superior equipment because you know in elite level track racing the winning margins a tiny you know hundredths of a second even thousandths of a second sometimes and the latest skinsuit or arrow bike can make that much difference and alter the result now whilst we love tech and innovation there is an argument it's not really in the spirit for sport take.

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