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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Adjustment

Troi Kish here at Cool Springs I care in Franklin Tennessee right now we're going to discuss how to adjust eye glasses now depending on the type of frame we have if we're using a metal frame there's a couple areas on the frame that we can use to adjust it one being the temples in the back we can bend those what we use here is we use a hot air blower or at home you can use a hairdryer and what we do is we gently heat the temple until it feels moist and then we bend it and right now this one is a little warm so I'm going to go ahead and bend it and we pretty much change the curve just by that so that's one way to make an eyeglass adjustment this pretty much is going to tighten them behind the ears a little more but sometimes the adjustment we need is maybe to lift the frame a little bit in order to lift the frame we're going to want to adjust these nose pads in here and of course we have a professional nose pad plier that we use but if you don't have it a needle nose will work just fine to make the frame go up higher we want to bring the pads in and so we're going to grab the grab the temple arm the metal part not the padded part and we're going to bend it in like that I'm going to do the other side the same and of course we're going to try to match them up make sure they look even and they do we've effectively brought the nose pads closer together and the closer these pads are together the higher it will sit the next adjustment might be because the glasses are crooked like this well we we always take the frame that we're working on and we put it on a table to line it up we call this a bench alignment we basically look for to see if the temples are touching the table and basically Bend the temple the one that's not touching you can bend it up with your hand we have a needlenose plier that we can grab and bend it with but keep in mind if you use the needle nose plier make sure you use a cloth or something to hold to wrap the frame in so that you can bend it without scarring the frame the other adjustment that we might need on glasses might be involved with a plastic frame and once again to bend the temples we used a hot air blower or a hairdryer so that we could bend it down but we can also use the hot air on the corner or the front of the frame in order to bring the temples in like this usually a plastic frame because the hot the heat in wearing them they slowly stretch out as you wear them so after a couple of months or so they will look like this and so what we're going to do is we're going to heat just the corner and bend it in and once we've heated it and formed it the way we like we rinse it off with cold water and it should come out just right and that's how we adjust frames.

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